Product Recommendations Solution

Improve conversions and increase revenue by making relevant product recommendations to your customers

The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Product Recommendation Solution automatically generates personalized product recommendations based on each customer's current and historical shopping interests, trends and business rules to present customers with the most relevant, effective and timely recommendation possible for wherever they are in the buying process.

Solution Components

  • IBM® Coremetrics® Web Analytics

    Provides deep insight from analytics and comparative benchmarks. Leverages the existing Coremetrics Web Analytics tags and third party integrations to drive product recommendations.

  • IBM® Coremetrics® Intelligent Offer

    For personalized product recommendations including web, mobile, email, display ad, and social media.

Improve conversion rates and increase average order value by providing relevant product recommendations that help website visitors find the products they are looking for and discover new products. In addition, you can obtain incremental revenue by including relevant products recommendations in order and shipping confirmations emails, offers and newsletters and retargeting campaigns.

The EMM Product Recommendation Solution can help you achieve the following benefits:

Integration with the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Suite
The Product Recommendation Solution is part of the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite which fuses customer profiles, web analytics and marketing execution. This helps empower marketers to turn site visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates by orchestrating a compelling experience throughout each customer's digital life cycle.