Mastering a complex device mix to achieve maximum marketing results

The IBM® Mobile Marketing and Location-based Targeting Solutions provide the marketing components that can help you realize mobile’s true potential as the anywhere/anyplace extension of your brand-customer relationships.

Solution Components

  • IBM® Coremetrics® Web Analytics

    Mobile web analytics and mobile application analytics allow marketers to understand customer interactions that occur through mobile devices, both at the aggregate and at individual levels.

  • IBM® Unica® Campaign and IBM® Unica® Interact

    Match customers to offers and marketing messages for any and all channels – across mobile, web and traditional – using Campaign (outbound marketing) and Interact (real-time decisioning for inbound channels).

For SMS Campaigns, IBM has a partnership with tier-1 mobile aggregators who can deliver messages globally, provision short codes and assist with carrier approval of messages.

Half of marketers say their mobile efforts are totally siloed – effectively cut off from other marketing efforts. Campaigns are hit-or-miss affairs lacking coordination with other inbound or outbound efforts. Worse, measurement is difficult and return on investment (ROI) difficult to find. If you want to reach customers wherever they are, then you have to communicate to them through the one thing they never leave home without: their mobile devices. Marketers are getting the message – approximately one-third report already conducting some form of mobile marketing. It is not hard to understand why. Not only are mobile devices popular and packed with an ever-growing array of applications, their built-in GPS technology makes them ideal for location-aware promotions and location-based targeting.

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