Make targeted email and mobile messages part of your interactive strategy

IBM® Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Email Marketing products and services help you take your email programs to the next level by increasing the relevance and timeliness of your communications. It also applies best practices for ensuring that your messages are delivered successfully to their intended recipients.

Solution Components

  • IBM® Campaign

    Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across all touch points

  • IBM® eMessage

    Engage customers and prospects with timely, personalized email and mobile messages

  • IBM® Email Optimization

    Email marketing solutions for optimized customer engagement

  • IBM® LiveMail

    Trigger event-driven, targeted emails

  • IBM® Marketing Center

    Cloud based solution that enables digital marketers to execute real-time marketing communications designed for each customer as an individual

The IBM EMM Email Marketing solutions help your organization establish brand integrity, provide inbox delivery insight, track the viral value of your email, and tailor content for the right device to improve engagement.

In addition to Email Marketing for testing and optimization, IBM eMessage and IBM LIVEmail can help deliver more effective stand-alone campaigns, as well as integrate email and mobile into cross-channel marketing strategies. Eliminate the complexity of email and mobile marketing, ensure delivery and maintain deliverability with the following features:

To get more out of your email program, it is important to invest in analytics, use clean email lists, leverage technology that reformats content to end user devices, focus on relevant content before employing rich media, and incorporate social media. IBM EMM Email Marketing solutions can help your enterprise achieve these objectives in order to increase relevancy and timeliness.

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