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Foster innovative teams and communities. Drive growth with vibrant business communities and empowered participation across teams.

Improve customer service and save money

Your people need to be more productive than ever. Your business needs to respond to customer issues, market developments, and new business opportunities. IBM can enable fast, meaningful communications and help you deliver higher levels of customer service, develop more satisfied employees, and reduce operating costs.

Liberate the talent and ideas in your organization

When your people have a way to uncover information and share talent, they can work smarter. Prescribe tools that encourage innovation and help teams share and collaborate. Your organization can exploit business developments more quickly and make better decisions, faster.

Nurture collaboration across boundaries

Communities and teams are most effective when they're not blocked by time zones, geography, or org.charts. When people can discover information, tap knowledge networks, and share ideas, innovation blooms and business practices flourish. IBM social computing helps you discover experts, expand personal networks, and makes it a snap to share -- so teams can function better and outmaneuver your competition.

Rheinmetall AG improves its project processes with Lotus Connections, Quickr, and Sametime (US)

Empower high performing teams

Efficient, transparent collaboration and sharing between teams can bring about better ways of doing business and reduced operating expenses. Build ways for your extended teams to work together and share, and you'll lay the foundation for streamlined business processes, empowered employees, and less pressure on your IT department and budget.

Belgian construction company improves international collaboration with Lotus Notes and Quickr (US)