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Strengthen relationships. Give your customers and partners a new online voice and include them in your business processes.

Communicate beyond the walls of your organization

Build stronger relationships with your customers and business partners with collaboration solutions that provide ready access to information and online resources. Engage your customer community with two-way conversations, enabled by social software and customer-generated content. This helps you nurture customer loyalty and repeat business by responding to their interests and need for buying advice.

Integrate your entire value chain

Discover expertise and create a culture of innovation by integrating your entire value chain in a single collaboration strategy. Collaboration solutions can radically improve both internal and external communications with dealers and associates. For example, by hosting information centrally on a web-based portal, all parties can access real-time, up-to-date information at any time.

Enable clients with online self-service

Delivering online tools to help your customers and partners serve themselves can save money and boost customer satisfaction. Having on-demand access to web-based resources allows your clients to do business with you at their convenience. This turns your business into an around-the-clock operation that is always available.

Improve responsiveness with collaboration tools

You can better attract and retain independent dealers, franchises, and agents with a rich collaboration-driven work environment. You can contribute to your extended community's success by improving the speed and accuracy with which information is delivered to them. And by collaborating with your partners online, you can also save expenses and promote a greener world by reducing travel.