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Reduce costs. Save money on travel, operational expenses, and infrastructure costs.

Costs savings for troubled times

Lotus software can help you overcome increasing budget pressures and perhaps even avoid expensive license costs. It can help your organization reduce costs across various areas
of your business while improving user productivity and efficiency.

No travel budget? Rising facilities costs? No problem!

Business travel and facilities costs can be reduced or even eliminated altogether by arming employees with a powerful choice of collaboration and communications tools such as integrated web conferencing, video/audio and telephony solutions. Employees can work on-line or off-line anytime, anywhere when you equip them with the tools they need to set up shop wherever they may be.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Organizations, whether large or small, don't need to sacrifice big IT capabilities in order to stay within their budgets. Reap significant savings on productivity tool software and telephony equipment for users. And save on the IT resources needed to host and deliver these services - such as servers, storage and memory - while also minimizing administration resources and expenses.

The San Miguel School creates foundation for success with Lotus Foundations

Control operations costs with automation

Rather than performing activities on a manual basis, use IBM collaboration solutions to automate and streamline existing business activities. Portals and forms software can facilitate the access of information and eliminate redundant procedures, reduce lag times and help control costs.

US Army targets saving billions of dollars in processing costs with new forms automation solution from IBM (US)