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Accelerate your business processes. Use collaboration to make your business processes faster and more efficient

Integrate collaboration with work processes

Collaboration, in context, helps businesses run more efficiently. Your company's critical business processes need the power of your people to operate seamlessly, and IBM can help you expedite and streamline business processes by keeping the right information and the right people involved.

Automate your processes for faster throughput

Collaboration helps you increase the rate at which you convert ideas into results, while reducing costs and maximizing ROI. Faster throughput leads to market leadership and competitive differentiation. When you improve the speed and accuracy of your business processes, you can:

  • Differentiate your company because of your improved customer service
  • Cut costs by reducing cycle and delivery times
  • Process more transactions in less time

Streamlined processes for every industry

There are business activities that depend on smooth communications and ready access to vital information in every industry and organization.

Collaboration helps maximize your sales throughput, improve your customer service, and get new products to market, faster. Business process efficiencies lead to lower costs and a stronger bottom line.

Celina Insurance streamlines collaborative processes with agents to stay ahead of competition with Lotus Notes, Domino, and Sametime (US)

Respond faster to opportunities and emergencies

Reduce costs and outmaneuver your competitors by connecting people at the right time, in the most convenient and cost-effective way. The smooth, timely coordination of people, activities, and information helps you respond faster and better to new developments in your business.

Using Lotus Sametime and IBM technology, State of Missouri disaster response system improves coordination between emergency responders across 68,000 miles.