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Disaster Recovery,Downtime happens.Protect your assets.Keep the business running.

Disaster Recovery

The unpredictable business environment

Most people think of a “disaster” as something catastrophic and geographic widespread — an earthquake, fire, flood, or tornado, for example. Truth is, the disasters that cost global business the most don’t fit the traditional definition of catastrophe.

A computer virus, the swine flu, an unexpected glitch in a routine software upgrade, a burst pipe -all of these can cost an organization dearly in terms of lost data, lost revenue and eroded customer confidence.

An outage analysis examining the previous 12 months of an organization’s IT infrastructure performance could be a smart first step in developing a disaster recovery plan that can help assure compliance, flexibility and scalability, while managing and mitigating the risks that are part of business-as-usual in today’s technology-enabled marketplace.

To learn more about an effective disaster recovery plan, and how IBM can help you and your organization develop and implement one, read the new IBM publication featuring analysis by Gartner entitled Disaster Recovery – An Iron Shield To Business. (link resides outside of

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