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On a smarter planet, software is changing how we live and do business.

We can access information and expertise on demand. We can detect patterns to recognize and solve problems before they happen, or seize new opportunities before competition does. We can minimize waste and cost by consuming only what we need, when we need it. As organizations strive to ensure profitable, predictable growth and maximize shareholder value in an uncertain world, IBM Software is making innovation real, raising the ROI of IT and expanding business impact.

A telecommunications infrastructure provider in India manages more than 25,000 sites in real-time to drive new energy efficiencies & reduce energy usage and related costs by 20 to 30%

Indian Railways, the world's largest railway has an automated crew management system that provides information about the crew at all times & allocates them to different types of trains depending on their driving skills

The central ministry uses IBM Software to combat fraud in the financial system. Using sophisticated pattern matching techniques, self generating logic, real-time alerts and continuous data feeds, the government has significantly improved its ability to identify and crack down upon tax evasion and money laundering.

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