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Why IBM Software for Mining?

Smarter software is the muscle behind IBM solutions for mining. It’s powered by expertise gained from tens of thousands of client engagements, and it’s transforming the way industries – and the planet – work. IBM’s industry-leading experienced professionals, together with comprehensive technology and cost-effective methodologies, help mining companies transform their value chain by:

These smarter solutions powered by IBM software have key advantages:

The capabilities of IBM Software builds solutions on a set of integrated capabilities to deliver greater business value and competitive advantage. Below are some of the key software capabilities used by leading mining companies worldwide.

What we offer

Tackle strategic business challenges with smarter mining solutions in:

Production operations
Get intelligent processes and systems you need to create a proactive and action-oriented environment.

Intelligent asset management
Maximizing asset utilization while minimizing costs, human error and downtime.

Supply chain optimization
Optimizing supply chains and consolidating support operations by leveraging RFID technologies and integrated analytics.

Health, safety, risk and environment
Mitigating Health, Safety and Environmental risks for employees, stakeholders, shareholders and communities; as well as compliance assistance.

Accelerate Time to Value
IBM Industry Frameworks are software platforms that combine the business capabilities of award-winning IBM software capabilities with industry specific assets and best practices. IBM Industry Frameworks help clients deploy business solutions faster while lowering project cost and risk.

The Natural Resources Framework is a roadmap for business transformation and IBM’s comprehensive ability to help mining companies run their businesses more effectively and gain competitive advantage.

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