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Smart Archive. The power and value o IBM´s unified strategy for archiving. Services, Software, Storage.

IBM Smart Archive

Smart Archive

A Smarter Approach to Archiving

Understand today’s archiving mandates
The need to archive information is on the rise, driven by content and data growth, regulatory compliance, legal discovery and data protection requirements. With these ever-increasing requirements for long-term retention, organizations are looking for an integrated approach to manage and leverage information over its lifetime -- while driving down infrastructure costs and complexity.

Gain an edge with an IBM Smart Archive Strategy
The IBM Smart Archive Strategy is a comprehensive approach that combines IBM software, systems and service capabilities designed to help you extract value and gain new intelligence from information by collecting, organizing, analyzing and leveraging that information. This approach delivers a comprehensive set of solutions, products and services in a unified and integrated strategy that helps you realize the business value of your information while driving down costs and risks and ensuring that critical business content is properly retained and protected.

Start Today.

The IBM Smart Archive Strategy. It’s an easy decision.
In the past, leading point applications may have been adequate to address near-term, tactical responses to your archiving needs. Over time, however, that approach may prove too limiting as these requirements become increasingly complex. Why keep searching for multiple vendors to duplicate what a single, global end-to-end solution provider can do for your organization? Insist on an exceptional archiving strategy from an industry leader. Rely on IBM for the help you need.

Implement an end-to-end archiving and ediscovery solution in days instead of weeks with Information Archive for Email, Files and eDiscovery.

Leverage our archiving offerings

Optimized and unififed ingest capabilities
Enable a deeper understanding of what information to archive through discovery and analytics based assessment technologies. Reduce point solution complexity and costs by unifying data and content archiving through common collection and classification technologies.

Flexible and secure infrastructure
Build a flexible, secure and cost-optimized infrastructure that allows you to easily implement and enforce policies, and protect the integrity of your business records throughout its lifecycle. Speed time to value through multiple modular, yet integrated solutions, including choice of management and delivery models such as traditional on-premise software, preconfigured appliance, cloud-based and hybrid options.

Integrated software supporting compliance, analytics, and ediscovery
Reduce risk, respond more quickly to legal inquiries, establish trust and leverage information using integrated software to support your information lifecycle governance, analytics and eDiscovery requirements.

IBM Smart Archive Strategy overview

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