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InfoSphere Warehouse: Insight without Boundaries

"With IBM DB2, we've reduced the time it takes to perform queries from many hours to just minutes." Dan Hallihan,Vice President, Accounting Operations, Volt. Learn more (US).

Why IBM Data Warehouse

IBM provides a unified, powerful data warehouse delivering access to structured and unstructured information and operational and transactional data in real time.

What we offer

Data servers

InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise Edition

Fully integrated solution to simplify data warehouse environment and deliver dynamic warehousing

Warehousing Solutions for SMB

Provides growing companies competitively priced data warehousing solutions to meet a range of needs

InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse

The complete data warehousing solution comprised of pre-tested, scalable and fully-integrated system components of InfoSphere Warehouse, Server and Storage

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Dive deeper into more kinds of information for greater business insight

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