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Resources are scarce. Costs are high. Information is siloed. Time to react is short. You need an information strategy to retain a competitive advantage.

Introducing the Information Agenda
The Information Agenda approach accelerates your organization's ability to share and deliver trusted information across all applications and processes by:

And getting you started on your information-led transformation journey.

What is the information agenda?
IBM's Information Agenda approach has a proven track record of helping companies in your size and industry respond and adapt quickly to unpredictable, up-to-the-minute changes in information, whether it's on a global level, or the next cube over.

Utilizing IBM's best-in-class software and consulting services, this approach is designed to help your business develop a customized implementation roadmap in a matter of weeks. What's more, our solutions can also help you reduce IT spending by leveraging existing investments.

Information Agenda Spotlight

IBM helps Insurance Industry

IBM announces major move to help Insurance industry standards with donation of IBM's IAA Industry Model for Insurance