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Transforming Industries and Professions 2015
March 04 | Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

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Accelerate your speed of insight and speed of action to seize this moment

It's not just about big data anymore—it's about instant, real-time and fast data that helps you become more agile, efficient and competitive. Data and analytics are now driving every decision, fueling every interaction, and powering every process. This up-to-the-moment insight has the power to transform your organization, and your role within it as business and IT work together to bring the future to life.

IBM Analytics Forum 2015 is your opportunity to seize this moment. Explore the latest developments and best practices in big data and analytics to gain a powerful competitive advantage.

Drive better business outcomes by applying more sophisticated analytics across more disparate data sources.

Capture the time value of data by developing “speed of insight” and“speed of action” as core differentiators.

Change the game in your industry or profession with cognitive capabilities.

Come to IBM Analytics Forum 2015 to learn how to win the race. It is time to transform — with speed of real-time actionable insight and the speed of action at every moment — it’s time to seize this moment.

RSVP Name: Preeti

RSVP Number: + 91 9663840662

RSVP Number: + 91 9663840662

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Score with Data

Unique Cricket Insights powered by IBM Analytics and Cloud capabalities. Catch all exciting insights on the 2015 ODI World Cup

Score with Data. Unique Cricket Insights powered by IBM Analytics and Cloud capabilities.