IBM Analytics Forum 2014

The Future of Analytics, NowMarch 6, 2014 - Mumbai, Trident, BKC

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Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. Big data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity, volume and variety. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills.

Analytics Forum 2014 is the place to get the answers you need to advance your organization’sBig Data & Analytics strategy — and your career as a valued Information management & Analytics professional. I hope you’ll join us..

The agenda is aligned to 3 parts, the keynote session, 2 technology break out sessions & 3 Industry break out sessions.

Main Tent Session Session
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Key Note Address: The Future of Analytics Starts Today
Sivaramkrishnan (Krish) Narayanan, Director, BAO, GBS
Eric Sall, VP, Marketing, Business Analytics
Simon Thomas, Executive and Consulting Leader, Business Analytics, IBM
Kaushik Bhaskar, Director, Information Management & Analytics, IBM Software Labs
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Expert Exchange: The Forward Thinker
Chair: Brian Pereira, Editor-in-Chief, Information Week India
Asheet Makhija, Business Unit Executive Information Management, IBM
Anand Raisinghani, Business Leader, Business Analytics, IBM
Kajal Ghose, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India
Girish Ghildiyal, AGM, HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited
Nasir Ansari, General Manager, Corporate IT at Vodafone India
11:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Tea Break
Technology Breakout Sessions
Break Out 1 Break out 2
11:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon Unlocking Deeper Insights from New Sources of Data

Yagnesh Parikh, Sr. VP. IT ICICI Securities
Nasir Ansari, General Manager - Corporate IT at Vodafone India
Shrinivas Kulki, Senior Architect – Big Data, IBM Software Labs,
Vinoth Vijayan, IBM Global Business Services
Big Data and Information Lifecycle Governance

Speaker: Jason Wicker, Global Sales Leader, Stored IQ, IBM
12:00 noon - 12:45 p.m. Data Management in the Era of Big Data

Speaker: Bhavani Eshwar, IBM Software Labs
How to get started with Predictive Analytics


N Balaji, Sr Vice President, Axis Bank
Dr.Lata Iyer, Director, Business Analytics & Optimization, IBM, Venkat
Muthukrishnan, Global Executive, Predictive Analytics & BI Services, IBM
12:45 p.m. - 13:00 p.m. How to get started with Big Data in your organisation

Speaker: Sivaramkrishnan (Krish) Narayanan, Director, BAO, GBS
From Analysis to Action with Cognos Enterprise

Venkat Muthukrishnan , Global Executive, Predictive Analytics & BI Services, IBM
13:00 p.m. - 14:00 p.m. Lunch
Industry Break-Out Sessions
14:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m. Banking & Financial Services Industry

Retail/Consumer Products
16:00 p.m. - 17:00 p.m. Tea Break
Business Leadership Sessions
17:00 p.m. - 20:00 p.m. CMO Leadership Exchange CIO Leadership Exchange
20:00 p.m. onwards Networking Dinner

* Agenda is subject to change

Unlocking Deeper Insights from New Sources of Data

The news isn’t just data explosion, it’s the emerging technologies and solutions that will help you analyze your Big Data and find the actionable insights hidden within. In a hyper-connected world, business models are under constant pressure, customers are even more demanding and connected, and competitive advantage increasingly comes from great relationships. Staying relevant to customers across every channel and looking for innovative solutions to streamline operations depends upon one thing – deriving deeper insights from new sources of big data. In this session you will hear about the types of business problems that a big data platform help you address and you learn how leading organizations are turning to big data to create entirely new value, maintain relevance, and garner greater operational efficiency for game changing results.

Big Data and Information Lifecycle Governance

With more than 80% of your information landscape comprised of unstructured content, you need an analytics approach that will surface new actionable insights from huge volumes of enterprise content. Content analytics allows deep, rich text analysis of your information, helping organizations surface undetected problems, fix content-centric process inefficiencies, improve customer service and corporate accountability, reduce operating costs and risks and discover new revenue opportunities. In this session you will hear on searching context across integrated sources, automating categorization decisions & deriving new insights and achieve better outcomes. You will learn how to leverage sophisticated natural language processing to understand the meaning and context of human language within textual information, found in documents, reports, email, web content and much more.

Data Management in the Era of Big Data

Companies who view big data as a new resource focus on building an agile information management foundation necessary to deliver a fast, easy and smart way to new insights at the speed of thought, managing big data with confidence and lowering the cost of mission-critical business applications. In this session that you will hear about the Information Management strategy and innovations that will help you learn how to transform your IT infrastructure to meet the demands of their big data & analytics strategy.

How to get started with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps organization predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. Oragnisations want to transform data into predictive insights to guide front-line decisions and interactions. They want to predict what customers want and will do next to increase profitability and retention; fetect and prevent threats and fraud before they affect your organization. In this session you will get an in-depth look at predictive analytics that lets you detect patterns, gain powerful new insights, predict outcomes and optimize & decisions. You will learn where to start when it comes to Predictive Analytics

How to get started with Big Data in your organisation

Gaining new insights, taking action faster and creating new opportunities with big data is becoming a game changer for a growing number of organizations. Taking the approach that “data is the new oil,” every organization wants to untap under-utilized data resources that could potentially fuel new insights and analytics to make them more competitive in the marketplace. In this session you will hear about building your big data strategy and learn how to start by assess your current IT infrastrucure & taking a modular apprach towards building a culture that infuses analytics everywhere.

From Analysis to Action with Cognos Enterprise

The new promise of Business Analytics is to empower all people across your organization and beyond, enabling individual to internet-scale solutions. Support all decisions – from highly collaborative to fully automated – with the right analytic capability and insight to drive action from the decision at hand. Equip everyone with fast, easy business analytics anytime, anywhere.


Whether the economy is strong or weak, the fundamental strategies for surviving and thriving still hold true. Manufacturers have to be highly efficient to meet demand and supply requirements. Costs and resources also have to be managed carefully and intelligently.

Staying ahead isn't easy, Data pours Data pours in from multiple systems, divisions and regions, and it is more real-time than ever before. Information is available in silos & lacks overall harmonization & analytics to make meaningful & actionable insight to the organisation. IBM business analytics acts on these silos of information to increase collaboration between sales, planning, scheduling, execution, maintenance, warehouse & logistics across various manufacturing facilities & departments to deliver highly effective & contextual business & manufacturing operations results. It goes beyond to provide predictive analytics & optimization of manufacturing processes across the organisation.

This session is intended at providing an overview of manufacturing organisations scenarios & how IBM business analytics can help manufacturers better results & optimization.

Creating a customer focused enterprise

The banking industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. From being product centric , it is now moving towards a customer centric operating model to cater to the new age empowered customer. By harnessing insights from big data, such as transactions, real time market feeds, customer service records, correspondence, and social media posts, banks can derive more insight about their business than ever before, and achieve competitive advantage. This session intends to shed light on at how banks are currently leveraging core customer assets including customer data, their interaction channels, and the current states of their social and mobile marketing programs and then show you how to identify gaps in information into insight and leveraging insight in future interactions.

Improving Business Performance through better visibility of value chain and better relationships

The CPG sector is undergoing a sea change for having to take real time decisions to meet the demands of an empowered customer, emerging new channels and the availability of unstructured data through blogs, social media etc.. This session is intended to cover the benefits that CPG companies can realize by deploying path breaking concepts in Analytics & big data technologies. IBM would present how the present & incremental investments can be leveraged to develop optimized promotions, supply chain optimization and real time decision making

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