Rational AppScan

Rational AppScan.Your Web applications may be an open door to corporate or consumer data.Isn't it about time you protect them?

IBM® Rational AppScan® is a leading suite of automated Web application security and compliance assessment tools that scan for common application vulnerabilities, generate actionable reports, and help manage regulatory and standards compliance in online environments. These products are designed for the broadest range of users-from non-security professionals to advanced power users who can utilise the added tools and extensions to create a customised scanning environment.

Product Editions

Compare editions (US) AppScan Build Edition Embeds web application security testing into the build management workflow AppScan Developer Edition Automates application security scanning for non-security professionals AppScan Enterprise Edition Web-based, multi-user solution providing centralised application security scanning and reporting AppScan Express Edition Provides affordable Web application security for smaller organisations AppScan Reporting Console Provides centralised reporting on web application vulnerability data AppScan Standard Edition Desktop solution to automate Web application security testing AppScan Tester Edition Integrated Web application security testing in the QA process

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