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Information Management - What we offer

Big data

Capture, manage and analyze structured and unstructured data to improve inight and make real-time business decisions.

Data warehousing

Ecosystem of solutions to collect data from transaction systems & external sources to analyze for business decisions.

Database Management

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your data and leverage it as a core asset.

Information integration and governance

Create, distribude and proactively manage trusted information across heterogeneous information supply chains.

Future-proof your data environment

This interactive tool allows you to gain direct access to customer experiences, analyst research, and high-level overview videos for quick insight into key considerations for your database environment.

Comparing IBM Informix and Oracle Database for High Availability and Data Replication

This detailed analyst report by ITG compares capabilities and costs between Informix and Oracle databases

Database strategies for the world of big data

Gain competitive advantage and reduce IT resource requirements with modern database technologies

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Understanding big data

Gain insight into IBM's unique in-motion and at-rest big data analytics platform.

Solution Brief: Data Access and Refinement: Making data useful and available to everyone

Cloud-based data access and refinement services from IBM make data easily available and useful to everyone across the enterprise-changing the way organizations interact with data.

White Paper: Big Data Integration and Hadoop

Learn about the top five big data integration best practices for minimizing risks and maximizing ROI for Hadoop initiatives.