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last updated: 01/12/17
APAR NumberPUTAbstract
PI25277 26 TPFDF macros should be allowed to be called from within a location counter (LOCTR). Also, SW00IER is not always set up properly.
PI56100 26 Updates made to the ICPLOG macro and ecbptr() function causes TPFDF to issue CTL-3's.
PI56918 26 A 000003 (CTL-3) system error may occur during DBDSP macro proc- essing when an agent assembly area (AAA) exists on data level 1 (D1) and global variable &ACPDBAA is set to 1.
PI62869 26 ALCS only: Possible CTL-3 (000003) system error on DBOPN when an applica- tion segment uses baseless functionality and runs in CEP compat- ibility mode.
PI72886 26 On ALCS, TPFDF may incorrectly request a short-term pool when a prime pool file overflows. This may cause database corruption to occur.
PK00334 20 CTL-6E2 dump when accessing 4ST address on device B.
PK00790 20 A CTL-6E2 dump may occur during CRUISE restore when using the RESTORE-NEW option.
PK00795 20 DBMRG only uses the first default key to determine how the LRECs are sorted in the output subfile even if multiple default keys are defined. d in
PK00917 20 During CRUISE processing, the number of ECBs reported by the ZFCRU DISPLAY command may be incorrect when running on multiple I-streams.
PK00945 20 ZRECP STATUS entry causes CTL-3 out of BRCB.
PK01171 20 An ASMA102E assembly error may occur when using certain boolean condensed forms of SPMs.
PK01216 20 If a user attempts to use an 8-byte file address on the ZRECP STA VAL command with FARF6 APAR PQ74483 applied, a CTL-4 system error will result.
PK01432 20 With APAR PQ94935 applied, database corruption and OPR-DB0100 system errors may occur if a database has variable length index LRECs. Also, databases containing index LRECs with multiple references may become corrupted when migrating to FARF6, and a CTL-4 may occur when using DBTLG on a migrated FARF6 database.
PK01596 21 CRUISE RESTORE processing may not correctly restore references to fixed files.
PK01852 20 With PQ75887 applied, DBCLS processing may result in CTL-7 for files with SIZECHK=YES specified in DBDEF if a block split occurs.
PK01882 20 With PQ74483 applied, a CTL-4 system error may occur out of UFHD00 during a CRUISE restore when a 4 byte file address reference is at the end of a data block.
PK02065 21 1. OPR-DB0101 dump followed by CTL-3 on statistics update in
PK02252 21 With APAR PQ75887 applied, a file defined with KEYCHECK=YES may take a CTL-4.
PK02455 21 A CTL-3 system error may occur during a CRUISE capture function when the 'target MVS' option is used on a database with a broken chain. Also, CRUISE may not pause after an I/O error.
PK02459 20 With PQ68111 applied, a CTL-22 system error may occur from recoup when processing a COA= user exit.
PK02540 21 TPFDF performance may be impacted when adding LRECs due to the block split routine being incorrectly modified by APAR PQ75887.
PK02541 20 Database corruption may occur along with other various problems when migrating a TPFDF database to use FARF6. Furthermore, certain TPFDF database types are not properly migrated.
PK03317 21 With APAR PQ50275 applied, TPFDF may incorrectly report whether or not a subfile is empty.
PK03442 21 With PQ51955 applied, ZUDFM REP with the LBL parameter fails with a UDFM0186E DECB CREATE ERROR when trying to replace more than one label.
PK03608 21 With APAR PQ32210 installed, a DB0146 system error occurs when TM=YES is specified in the DBDEF and subfile is opened without being used, such as what might occur during a DBSRT operation.
PK03839 21 With PQ51955 applied, a ZUDFM DEF REL display shows the wrong File Version Number (FVN).
PK03840 21 When using DBTRD or DBTLD, a CTL-32 occurs if chained blocks have different sizes.
PK04402 21 On TPF, a CTL-C catastophic system error may occur when using ZUDFM INIT to initialize files.
PK05137 21 After PQ94935, a DB0145 system error occurs while packing a file with TM=YES coded in the file's DBDEF. This occurs when converting the database to use expanded headers, expanded index references or FARF6 file addresses.
PK05403 21 A CTL-4 system error may occur during dfsetbam() processing when the lrec_siz is not provided.
PK05540 21 NODUMP option is not being honored when you delete imbedded references.
PK05910 21 On TPF, a delay in processing the DEFER list is possible when using CRUISE to capture data with multiple reference check (MRC).
PK06268 21 TPFDF key processing performance can be improved when the number of keys is 5 or less.
PK06428 21 After a OPR-DB0101 is issued during DBCPY processing a OPR-0DECB7 or CTL-8 system error may occur during DBCLS processing or when the application's ECB exits.
PK06942 21 A CTL-10 system error from segment BRCG may occur while TPFDF recoup is updating statistics.
PK07212 21 A DB010E system error or other unpredictable results may occur after a DBRST API in an application program.
PK07224 21 The DFDSP_LONGTERM option is ignored on a dfdsp() function call.
PK07856 21 RCC errors may occur while recouping LLR structures (including CDC data structures). In addition, DBRED HEADER on a subfile whose first LREC is an LLR does not return the address of the subfile header.
PK08050 21 CTL-4 out of BRC5 during recoup when processing the recoup concatenation parameter (RCO=).
PK08478 21 A CTL-6DF system error may occur when packing a subfile with a long chain.
PK08545 21 If a user issues a ZUDFM TRACE command with the LBL parameter after the application has done a DBRED HEADER, incorrect data will be displayed or a CTL-4 system error may occur.
PK08693 21 With PQ74483 applied, a CTL-3 system error may occur if the ZRECP STA VAL command is entered with an incorrect parameter value.
PK08897 21 A CTL-7 system error is issued if a DBMOD API call is made following a DBMOD ALL,MODLIST= call.
PK08899 21 The TPFDF recoup statistics display (ZRECP STA) may show incorrect usage or item counts.
PK09343 21 Using CRUISE to fallback index LRECs during TPFDF FARF6 migration may result in corrupted index LRECs. Also, when setting F6FBK=YES in the DBDEF with no other FARF6 parameters set to yes, SW00OP5 is not set.
PK10077 21 DBRST or dfrst() with both access and sequence parameters specified doesn't work.
PK10079 21 Add a ZUDFC STATUS command to display TPFDF data collection status.
PK10080 21 The ZUDFM DEF command cannot display the DBDEF option bits for all files or display the files that match a given option bit pattern.
PK10216 21 With APAR PQ74483 applied, DBMRG/DBSRT might produce an incorrect merge/sort result when the FADDR= parameter is specified.
PK10397 21 A CTL-3 or CTL-4 system error may occur from segment BRCA when recouping Large Logical Records (LLRs).
PK10790 21 LLR LLIBs and LLDBs contain the wrong program stamp.
PK10852 21 With PQ74483, an OPR-DB0100 system error is possible after checkpointing (DBCKP or dfckp) a W-type file in DETAC mode.
PK11038 21 The ZUDFM DEF INIT and ZUDFM OAI/DBTAB/INIT commands are not logged in the ZUDFM LOG file (GR0VSR/IR0VDF).
PK12314 21 With APAR PQ74483 applied, using the dfrst_acc() function with the DFRST_FROMCHAIN option will result in a DBC200 system error. Also, a typo in the dfrst_seq() definition causes a compiler error.
PK13205 21 When dfdel_acc_nbr is coded, z/TPFDF returns with SW00RTN #BIT1 and SW00RT2 #BIT0 on (error in list of logical record numbers) and the target LREC(s) is(are) not deleted.
PK13213 21 As a result of PQ74483, FARF6 implementation, file addresses are not set up properly in TPFDF C API calls, dfadd(), dfrst(), and dfcpy(). This can result in a file address error such as DB0100.
PK13217 22 TPFDF does not provide a way to set the maximum amount of char- acters on a DBDSP. As a result a DBDSP with FMSG may cause OPR-11FFFF system errors if the LREC to display is too large.
PK13219 21 The Recoup online error log always reports a file version number of zero.
PK13562 21 When opening a subfile that uses FARF6 addresses in DETAC mode, an OPR-DECB7 system error (attempt to release DECB with detached core blocks) will occur.
PK13711 21 On ALCS, users may be unable to link the TPFDF high level language load module TPFDFH3 with the shipped version of the C/C++ objects.
PK13851 21 After applying PQ74483, TPFDF may read a subfile sequentially instead of using the B+Tree index to read the data file.
PK13860 22 A CTL-23 dump is possible when adding an LREC in DETAC mode.
PK14527 21 CRUISE releases an incorrect file address if restore is done on a different SSU.
PK15396 21 Using CRUISE when large logical records (LLRs) exist may result in corrupted statistics.
PK15589 22 With PQ02170 applied, it is possible for the ZUDFM FAD command to cause a CTL-1 if a SSU is dormant.
PK15674 21 Running a selective recoup on a TPFDF RCI candidate will result in BRV60015I pool discrepancy messages.
PK15966 21 A CTL-4 system error may occur during TPFDF recoup when a database with large logical records (LLRs) is defined as SSU=C or SSU=U, or when an LLR is found to have a corrupt size.
PK16322 22 System errors should be issued when the STACKREF parameter is not used correctly on a DBRED (or dfred) API call. Also, the behavior of STACKREF and non-STACKREF handling should be made consistent.
PK16748 22 Recoup may abort with system error 041210 RECOUP DIR INTEGRITY CHECKS FAILED when a ZRECP SEL command is entered for timed-out record that occurred from a secondary processor.
PK16908 21 DB010E dump during DBMRG processing when working with an empty chain.
PK17083 22 Several errors need to be corrected for ALCS customers migrating to TPFDF PUT20.
PK17462 22 With PQ59198, DB0170 (duplicate reference name found) system error may result from dfifb_ref_new or dfcls_new. The NEWREF= parameter on DBCLS may be ignored. Duplicate REF name search on DBCLS with NEWREF= parameter.
PK17872 21 With PQ51955 applied, an OPR-0DECB7 dump may occur during DBCLS REF=ALL processing if the file uses B+Tree indexing and was opened in DETAC mode.
PK18132 22 CRUISE clears CE1HLD before issuing DEFRC macros. This can cause file addresses to remain in the record hold table if the ECB is exited.
PK18243 21 Erroneous find error from CRUISE caused by PQ74483.
PK18246 21 Issuing DBRED with KEYCHECK=YES and large LREC's may result in an OPR-DB011E (amount of storage requested by a DBOPN / dfopn API call was too high) system error.
PK18528 22 TPFDF GETCC processing may cause CTL-6EA dump.
PK18532 22 ECB level can reach 100% during CRUISE capture processing which results in a CTL-C system error.
PK19214 22 Various problems, including possible database corruption, during FARF6 migration when using CRUISE capture and restore.
PK19745 22 When interpreting high level assembler release 5 (HLASM R5) listings while creating a macro label set (MLS) sequential file, segment UFOF issues offline message UFOF0007E.
PK20320 21 Allow ALCS users to specify that the TPFDF product should use L3 blocks instead of L4 blocks for efficiency.
PK21217 21 Segment UFDS requires an update in support of the changes made by TPF APAR PJ31041.
PK21440 22 TPFDF programs that use long long variables do not compile with TARGET(TPF) compiler.
PK21914 22 Possible CTL-4 system errors when TPFDF recoup updates the sta- tistics in segment BRCG.
PK23617 22 It is possible to receive an OPR-DBB100 (FILE ERROR IN BTREE NODES) system error when using B+Trees with large logical records (LLRs).
PK23896 22 The CRD value is incorrect in the ZRECP REPORT/ZRECP STATUS display during ZRECP SEL processing of a TPFDF ID that has timed out.
PK24205 22 ZUDFM TRA label displays can cause a CTL-I000004 system error.
PK24228 22 Miscellaneous CRUISE fixes.
PK24465 22 An Index database that contains multiple file addresses in the same primary key does not work with FARF6 detail files. This problem was introduced with APAR PQ94935, FARF6 support.
PK24928 22 With APAR PQ51955 applied, a CTL-7 dump might occur after a DB0100 system error is issued during DBMOD ALL processing.
PK24989 22 Fixed size LRECs starting with data C'L1' or C'L2' may be proc- essed as LLR LRECs, causing problems in TPFDF environment.
PK25356 22 1. Various problems with partial keys when using B+Trees and large logical records (LLRs).
PK25457 22 A CTL-I0000D1 (ATTAC error) is possible following an OPR-IDB0108 (filing error).
PK26312 22 TPFDF applications have to track a database's indexes and algo- rithm information to perform de-indexing. This can be cumber- some. Also, a more readable method for setting DBDEF option bits can be provided.
PK26400 22 A more informative dump should be issued when a DBRET (dfret) macro is issued after an unsuccessful DBRED (dfred) call.
PK27956 22 Adding items to the ZUDFM restriction table sometimes fails.
PK27957 22 With PQ80141 applied, hardware cache line conflicts may occur more often running TPFDF applications, causing a potential impact to CPU utilization.
PK28542 22 CRUISE may use more ECBs than intended without notification, RESTORE cross-reference processing doesn't update the number of ECBs, ZFCRU DIS-STA may show garbage, & IEW0132 occurs when linking TPFDFH3 on ALCS.
PK29033 22 Additional error checks are needed in DBDEL,DBADD,DBMOD and DBRED to detect logical record (LREC) overrides.
PK29039 22 An application can add or replace LRECs with a primary key that is lower than the SW00TQK value, but these LRECs cannot be read or deleted.
PK29417 22 1. CRUISE RESTORE from a tape that was captured with the MRC
PK29858 22 DBDEL ALL NOKEY does not delete retain information for deleted LRECs.
PK30405 22 CTL-32 may occur in Detac mode with SW00OP1,#BIT5 set to 1.
PK30698 22 The ZRECP RECALL SEL command with the ALL parameter specified does not work correctly for TPFDF files that have more than one version.
PK31735 22 An excessive tape queue can cause UWB1 to issue repeated DLAYC macros, potentially locking out the input list.
PK31736 23 The unique key feature (DBUKY/dfuky) does not work with 8-byte expanded headers.
PK32378 22 Possible CTL-C dump during Recoup when DBDEF is missing or incomplete.
PK33367 22 The bam_struct structure on TPFDF 1.1.3 needs to be the same as the structure on z/TPFDF in order to make applications using this structure single source compatible.
PK33468 22 Replacing large logical records (LLRs) releases all pool blocks and retrieves new ones, which leads to pool depletion.
PK33597 22 Possible CTL-4 dump when processing subitems in all monitors for Recoup and CRUISE.
PK33771 22 Recoup and CRUISE do not handle fixed size logical records (LRECs) that start with the character C'L' correctly. This may result in a possible RECP9201E, "ITEM IS LLR - SIZE MUST BE EQ MIS" error from recoup or other unpredictable processing from CRUISE or recoup.
PK34110 22 Various CRUISE corrections are needed.
PK34634 22 Use #pragma pack(1) instead of #pragma pack(packed) to pack structures.
PK34689 22 When using 8-byte file address headers, the backward chain ref- erence from the prime to the last in chain is not set up anymore.
PK34843 23 Sequence number inconsistencies including ZUDFM DISPLAY timeout handling.
PK35272 22 Data collection counts that are too large are not displayed properly.
PK35382 22 ZUDFM TRA D/n entry can incorrectly display the error message UFB-ITEM SIZE IN DATA BLOCK NOT VALID.
PK36212 22 ZUDFM INFO entry might incorrectly return with error message UDFM0181E, UFB-INCORRECT FILE ADDRESS.
PK37469 23 Empty work blocks can fill a large part of the DETAC table. This can cause an OPR-IDB0147 dump to occur earlier than if the empty blocks were removed when no longer needed.
PK38303 23 A DB0121 system error may occur if an application attempts to open a detail subfile that doesn't exist using an algorithm, read from the subfile using a keylist, and then add to the subfile using default keys.
PK39557 22 With PQ51955 applied, issuing ZUDFM OAT *LOG or ZUDFM MLS *LOG may result in a CTL-4 out of UFDB.
PK39646 23 Possible IDBD002 (invalid item size) system error on a CRUISE VERIFY operation after falling back from 8-byte file address headers.
PK39970 22 The response from a ZRECP STATUS command issued during TPFDF recoup from a remote terminal does not get sent back to the originator. Instead, it is incorrectly sent back to prime CRAS.
PK39980 22 MNOTE 8 trying to use auto de-indexing on ALCS.
PK40252 22 Segment UFC9 uses the z/Architecture assembler instrction TMLL. TPFDF 1.1.3 customers who do not have the hardware to support this instruction will not be able to assemble this segment.
PK40457 22 Database corruption and various problems when using DETAC mode.
PK40714 22 When using buffered access mode (BAM) to work with large logical records (LLRs), TPFDF updates the user LLR buffer by mistake.
PK40739 22 With APAR PK29039 applied, a DB013C error may occur on an internal TPFDF read during large logical record (LLR) handling.
PK42373 24 DBREP/dfrep with default add keys and KEYCHECK=YES might corrupt currently active keys.
PK42411 22 With APAR PK25356 applied, DBRED BEGIN does not always use B+Tree processing.
PK42544 23 After applying PQ32210 on ALCS, there is no mechanism to have fast-link segment updates take effect without restarting the system.
PK42879 22 With PQ31347, message UFOF0003E is incorrectly generated while creating a macro label set (MLS) tape using assembler option LANGUAGE(UE) and HLASM R3 or greater.
PK43079 23 As a result of APAR PQ94935, on a CRUISE RESTORE function, the file address reference format 6 (FARF6) forward chains are not restored. As a result, a file address exchange error (FCRU0138E) occurs and will be written to the table log.
PK43535 23 TPFDF recoup incorrectly reports broken chains when chasing large logical record (LLR) structures. CRUISE may issue OPR-DBD013 and OPR-DB0115 system errors when processing LLRs. CRUISE may issue a CTL-4 system error with an incorrect ordinal reference. On ALCS, LLRs are not recouped.
PK43849 23 As a result of PQ32210, specifying the path parameter on a DBRED or dfred API call on a non-indexed file results in a CTL-10 system error.
PK45116 23 ZUDFC DISPLAY shows incorrect RELCC data collection count.
PK45575 24 Various problems related to FARF6 (PQ94935) and/or large logical record (LLR) processing (PQ75887).
PK46039 23 A CTL-587 may occur when running cruise verify on a database with large logical records (LLRs).
PK46215 23 Recoup statistics needs counters that can handle numbers of up to 12 digits.
PK46279 23 Possible CTL-I000004 dump from UFI9 (statistics update) during CRUISE chainchase.
PK46791 24 Recouping an ADD CURRENT subfile (&SW00OP1 #BIT2 is set to 1) may result in lost addresses.
PK47191 23 Inconsistent RBV and RCT parameters are not being detected at DBDEF assembly time. Also, FILE=IRAIDF and F6HDR=YES are not enforced for the auto de-indexing algorithm information files.
PK47358 23 When a simple logical record (LREC) is read using buffered access mode (BAM) after a large logical record (LLR) has been previously found, a CTL-4 or a DB0168 system error may occur out of UFKA00.
PK47851 23 Files containing large logical records (LLRs) cannot be properly captured and restored by CRUISE. Restore will stop processing before the end of the tape is reached leaving the database cor- rupted without warning.
PK47966 23 Files with algorithm #TPFDB0D might be corrupted when using ZUDFM ADD / DEL.
PK48067 23 If an incorrect partition or interleave is supplied on a dfred/DBRED with the FULLFILE option, an infinite loop is entered and streaming DB0102 system errors may occur.
PK48414 23 Data loss occurs if a large logical record (LLR) size is between 12103 and 12159 bytes. This problem was introduced with PQ75887.
PK48586 24 With PQ75887 applied, using buffered access mode (BAM) with fixed size logical records (LRECs) will cause unpredictable results.
PK50019 24 TPFDF CRUISE processing incorrectly obtains the CPUID from the CE1CPD field of the ECB. It is possible that some control entries can be applied to the wrong CPU.
PK50078 24 After applying PK14527, CRUISE cannot restore older tapes cap- tured in a system where ZMODE T was set.
PK52659 24 ZUDFC DISPLAY may display incorrect average counters.
PK53530 24 Various errors in the global modification KEYCHECK routine in UFK1 may result in possible keycheck error dumps (DB0139) or invalid parsed opcode (DBB500) dumps. Additionally, incorrect ST/STH key prototypes in UWAM may cause undetected illegal oper- ations.
PK54198 24 As a result of APAR PK37469, deleting T-type logical records (LRECs) may result in CTL-3 and CTL-4 system errors.
PK54519 24 Prevent the unique number field, SW00SUN, from overflowing.
PK54711 24 The ZUDFM DEF xxxx/DBK command displays an incorrect value for the RCT field, (the record type according to the file address compute program (FACE) equate).
PK55656 24 Various problems with DBSRT/dfsrt when there are more than 10 blocks to sort. Additionally, ZUDFM DIS LR with a corrupted large logical record index block (LLIB) gives an incomplete message.
PK56130 25 While compiling CRUISE segment UFHA09, CCN8909 compiler warnings may occur, CRUISE RESTORE of non-TPFDF files cause pos- sible database corruption, and a DBC170 system error can occur after ZFCRU COPY.
PK56610 24 TPFDF Recoup might hang on primary processor during QUE proc- essing.
PK57632 24 With APAR PK31735 applied, TPFDF tape write processing can take longer on native systems.
PK58998 24 After applying PUT20 APAR PQ94935, a DB0100 system error may occur on DBDEL with INCLUDE= on non-TPFDF index file.
PK59649 24 With APAR PK33468 applied, it is possible to receive an LLR replace in progress error on a DBRED BEGIN with a Large Logical Record (LLR) in the prime block.
PK59657 24 Using certain parameters in conjunction with the INLINE or CURRENT parameters on a TPFDF read should not be supported and may cause unpredictable results.
PK60265 26 A new TPFDF hashing algorithm (#TPFDB11) is needed to hash 8-byte character algorithm string.
PK60708 25 When restoring a subfile that has an 8-byte file address header or contains LLRs, possible problems may occur, including lost or erroneously available file addresses and incorrect pool types.
PK60970 24 Large Logical Records (LLRs) are not chain-chased by recoup after APAR PK43535 is applied.
PK61545 24 A CTL-2D system error may follow an OPR-DB0100 system error in segment UWB9 due to an incorrect FARF6 address.
PK62875 24 Possible CTL-4 or CTL-10 dump in DBCLS ABORT after an OPR-DB0100 (file retrieval error) with a file that uses block indexing.
PK65875 24 A TPFDF application might take the wrong path because DBRED INLINE does not clear SW00RTN.
PK66370 24 TPFDF internal packing of a subfile with overflow chains may not occur even though the criteria for packing is met (the next available byte value falls below the packing limit).
PK66378 24 CRUISE restore from capture tape might not completely rebuild a database that has been migrated to 8-byte file address headers and expanded index LRECs. In some cases FCRU0138E (FILE ADDRESS EXCHANGE ERROR) online messages can occur during CRUISE restore.
PK70501 25 With APAR PK33468, extensive use of LLR deletes/replaces may cause multiple releases to occur. Furthermore, multiple releases and unnecessary ECB creation may result from DBCLS/dfcls pack processing. In addition, a DB0104 may result from issuing ZUDFM DISPLAY on an LLDB or LLIB.
PK70772 25 If boolean keys are set up with UP or DOWN organization for a block indexed database, a subsequent read of the database will result in unpredictable results.
PK70823 25 Remove the enhanced detac table size restriction on ALCS.
PK71225 25 Running CRUISE on a database with F6HDR=YES in the DBDEF may result in FCRU0204E FIND ERROR online messages and other errors from CRUISE.
PK71296 25 DBCPY on a file with 4-byte file address headers with F6HDR=YES and F6OFP=YES in the DBDEF can corrupt the output file. Also, dfcpy_toa8() does not pass the toa8 parameter properly to the central DB routines.
PK71728 25 DBRED LAST might read a previously deleted LREC which could cause a DB010E system error to occur.
PK71775 24 Issuing a DBRED on a checkpointed T-Type LREC may read past the next available byte (NAB)
PK76103 25 A DB0100 system error may occur during processing of a TPFDF API after a DBSRT that uses different files IDs for the input and output files.
PK76987 25 A possible OPR-DB0101 system error may occur on a subsequent TPFDF API after a DBRED PREVIOUS,STACK= is issued.
PK77276 26 Various problems can occur when migrating TPFDF databases to use FARF6 support, or when actually using 8-byte file address formats in subfiles. These problems can include OPR-4 system errors, database corruption, or unpredictable results.
PK80659 25 The TPFDF C/C++ Interface only allows reference name strings with an exact length of 8 bytes.
PK81995 25 With PK71728 applied, issuing a DBSRT/dfsrt API on a file that is large enough to require batch processing can result in a database not being properly sorted. DBMRG may also result in out of order LRECs. Also, a possible DB010C may occur during DBRED KEYLIST= processing.
PK87114 25 Using a TPFDF work file that is opened in non-DETAC mode may result in an infinite loop in processing.
PK90124 25 The TPFDF data collection display (ZUDFC DISPLAY) erroneously truncates average values when they are too large.
PK90129 25 CRUISE XREF processing in UFHB has two incorrect checks for suc- cessful completion. In addition, UFHA, UFHG and UFHM incorrectly set up sprintf() function calls and could potentially provide an incorrect value.
PK90140 25 ZFCRU HELP may cause a CTL-4.
PK91433 25 Issuing a DBRED PREVIOUS after a subfile has been opened fol- lowing a DBCLS NORELEASE may result in a misleading DB0101 system error.
PK92608 25 Applications using DETAC mode to access a TPFDF file using FARF6 addresses may take DB0151 system errors.
PK98832 26 Data loss can occur when adding data using the USEBTREE param- eter. Also, B+Tree routines are called too many times during DBADD USEBTREE or DBDEL ALL,NOKEY,INCLUDE= (or EXCLUDE=) proc- essing. Additionally, there is code in UWBB that is not needed.
PK99649 26 Various dumps and problems with LLR processing, including (1) a CTL-3 system error from UFKA when issuing a DBREP on an LLR fol- lowed by a DBADD on an LLR, (2) a DB010D system error after replacing an LLR more than 4095 time, and (3) the invalid command sequence DBRED HEADER followed by DBRED CURRENT with BAM leads to unpredictable results.
PM18578 26 If the file address used by the input or output subfile during merge (DBMRG/dfmrg) or sort (DBSRT/dfsrt) processing, is not valid, then a DB0100 system errors may occur followed by a DB0106, DB0143 or OPR-4 system errors.
PM20179 26 With APAR PK18528, when a TPFDF application running on ALCS attempts to use block sizes from L5 through L8 a DB017D (INVALID SIZE INDICATOR FOR GETCC) system error will occur.
PM23299 26 Assembler errors may occur when trying to assemble an applica- tion that contains Structured Programming Macros (SPMs) with expressions that are greater than 32 characters long.
PM24224 26 With TPFDF APAR PK98832 applied, issuing a DBADD on a B+tree database after a not-found condition has occurred might result in the LREC being added at the wrong position in a subfile. This could cause database corruption.
PM29574 26 SPM macro #LOCA does not enforce halfword boundary which may cause an ASMA212W assembler warning.
PM38825 26 Database corruption may occur when packing a file that has FULLBCH=YES defined in the DBDEF. In addition, database cor- ruption may occur if a file with DELEMPTY=YES does not have all backward chains properly set up.
PM39999 26 CRUISE pack does not properly release node files of B+Tree sub- files and the prime block's B+Tree root node reference (STDSBA) may not be cleared.
PM41802 26 Currently, structured programming macros (SPM) conditional expressions do not support the ALCS FNDPC macro.
PM57234 26 With APAR PK38303 installed, issuing a DBRED LAST with a keylist in an assembler application may lead to unpredictable results, including an OPR-DB0121 system error (exceeded maximum number of keys used in a key list) when a DBADD with default keys is sub- sequently issued.
PM62045 26 With TPFDF APAR PM39999 applied, performing a CRUISE PACK opera- tion on a subfile that contains a large logical record (LLR) in the prime block results in DB016B system error.
PM64014 26 With APAR PK77276 applied, a DBIDX or a DBADD with the INDEX parameter specified returns SW00RTN X'10' when an index LREC is found but an address (reference) slot has zeroes and the actual index LREC size is different from the DBDEF index LREC size.
PM95536 26 Possible loss of data when adding an LREC to a chain when using DBADD with the USEBTREE parameter or dfadd with the DFADD_USEBTREE option.
PQ28348 13 When specifying the WRAPAROUND and BEGORD parameters with the DBOPN or DBADR macros, DBRED FULLFILE processing may not work correctly. The ordinal specified by the BEGORD parameter may also be read twice.
PQ28550 13 Using the FDSP_NOFINAL option with dfdsp() may cause DBC090 system error to occur.
PQ28631 13 ZUDFM OAINIT should be inhibited during CRUISE processing. Segment BFAJ should be obsoleted and remove references to ZUREC in UFD1,UFD3 and UFDD. On TPF, CRUISE should use tpf_esfac() instead of sonic().
PQ29840 13 An overflow of the I/O counts may cause an erroneous ZRECP LOG command display.
PQ30389 13 Usability enhancements to ZUDFM utility commands.
PQ30453 13 After applying APAR PQ23591, the ZUDFM/OAI/DBTAB/record_id/REL command may not work correctly when a subsystem user (SSU) has been excluded using the DBDEF macro. Also, a CTL-22 system error may occur.
PQ30509 13 SW00SR blocks may be formatted twice in TPF system error dumps.
PQ31236 13 The DBRED macro with FULLFILE and HEADER parameters specified may not work correctly in WRAPAROUND mode.
PQ31347 13 When creating a macro label set (MLS) sequential file, segment UFOF interprets high level assembler release 3 (HLASM R3) listings incorrectly and issues the UFOF0003E error message.
PQ31377 13 After applying APAR PQ23871, the ZFCRU DISPLAY command does not work properly with TPFDF data collection running. CRUISE recalculates ECB distribution incorrectly.
PQ31850 13 User defined algorithm processing may incorrectly cause a DB0102 system error to occur.
PQ32209 13 Enhancement to improve buffering of TPFDF database updates.
PQ32210 15 The TPFDF product requires restructuring to ease future development and maintenance.
PQ33409 13 On ALCS, conversational trace may incorrectly report segment UFT9 while tracing CRUISE segments UFHA, UFHB, UFHD, UFHE, UFHF, UFHG and UFHO.
PQ33410 13 CRUISE processing may hang on large databases.
PQ33412 14 A CTL-4 system error may occur when restoring a block index file with the TPFDF capture/restore utility, information and statistics environment (CRUISE).
PQ33448 13 On TPF, after applying PJ26707 (coupling facility) segment UFHE01 will compile with a return code 4 due to an tpf_esfac() prototype change.
PQ33713 14 System error CTL-52 occurs when starting a CRUISE capture when the output tape BFA is incorrectly mounted for input instead of output.
PQ34175 14 A linked block indexed database may be corrupted when displaying technical LRECs using the ZUDFM OA*T or ZUDFM TLREC command.
PQ35025 14 After TPF APAR PJ26600 has been applied, TPFDF system errors may incorrectly report TPFDF segment UFA4 as the program where the system error occurred.
PQ35104 14 Key processing does not work properly with extended LRECs.
PQ35263 14 ZUDFM command processing may incorrectly issue the UDFM0128E error message.
PQ35353 14 During preparation and termination of CRUISE processing, any ECB usage percentage change has no effect.
PQ35605 14 Various fixes to buffering enhancements released with PQ32209 on PUT13.
PQ35802 14 After applying PQ25824, register 3 (R3) may become corrupted in segment UF0E.
PQ36156 14 If the HOLD or NOHOLD parameters are not specified on a DBOPN macro of a W-type file, TPFDF defaults to HOLD without notification.
PQ36341 14 Currently CRUISE chain chases all references to a single detail file. CRUISE should be enhanced so that, if requested, only one chain will be chased to the detail file.
PQ36444 14 On ALCS, a CTL-3 system error may occur if the TPFDF application uses the ALASC macro.
PQ36911 14 With APAR PQ26592 applied, the index file may be left open after DBCLS processing completes for an indexed ADD CURRENT file. Also, sw00sky and sw00gfa are defined to belong to struct npt which does not exist.
PQ37044 14 Sometimes, DBADD will fail when TPFDF attempts to ATTAC a file using set symbol SW00CFA.
PQ37720 15 On ALCS, during CRUISE chain chase processing FCRU0204E messages may be issued by TPFDF incorrectly.
PQ37827 14 When the NLR= parameter is used with the TPFDB0D algorithm, it does not set up SW00NLR correctly in the database definitions (DBDEFs).
PQ37963 14 After applying APAR PQ01256 and setting the DBLCL symbol &DB013E to 1, a CTL-3 may occur.
PQ38068 15 TPFDF macros obsoleted in order to incorporate TPFDF into TPF versions of STDHD, UI0OM, UI2PF.
PQ39571 15 After applying APAR PQ23871, on TPF sub-systems CRUISE processing will enter a continuous DEFRC loop. Causing the CRUISE capture, pack, restore or pack function to never complete or "hang".
PQ39696 14 After applying APAR PQ32209, a DB010E system error dump may occur during DBMRG macro processing in DETAC mode. This could result in database corruption. and errors can also occur while assembling TPFDF segments or CCCTIN.
PQ40379 15 If an index file references multiple detail files using different primary keys, a DB0100 system error may occur if TPFDF attempts to locate a logical record (LREC).
PQ40719 16 CTL-004 pagination exception may occur when adding more than 5 MRCIDs for the ZFCRU SETUP MRCID parameter.
PQ40914 16 The ZFCRU DELETE command with the TAR parameter specified does not delete the target from a locked CRUISE parameter table.
PQ40947 15 A CTL-003 system error may occur when attempting to display LRECs of an empty subfile using the ZUDFM DIS command with the KEY parameter.
PQ41433 15 When restoring MRC DATA to update the IRCIDF, the search of the OLD record in the IRCIDF is not carried out properly. As a result, this from reference cross reference file is not updated properly.
PQ41568 15 Segment UFI0 used SERRC PREFIX=S. The S prefix is for customer use only and should not be used in IBM segments.
PQ42047 16 Using a user-defined algorithm in a TPFDF application results in a misleading MNOTE: "UNKNOWN ALGORITHM. 16-BYTE ALGORITHM ASSUMED".
PQ42097 15 Provide support for Online Recoup and Pools Maintenance.
PQ42198 16 APAR PQ36341 introduced DSECT IRCMDF with a record ID of FD22, which was already used by IWDTDF, introduced with APAR PQ32209.
PQ44627 15 Correct errors in TPFDF recoup support introduced by APAR PQ42097.
PQ44993 16 CRUISE overlays any previously collected statistics gathered by a different subsystem user (SSU).
PQ44999 16 CRUISE does not allow ordinal ranges greater than 0 million (6 digits).
PQ45798 16 On TPF, applications that use Boolean connectors in the key list may not work properly if the TPF SYSTC SBCLEAR bit is set off.
PQ46296 16 Corequisite TPFDF APAR for TPF Recoup support for routing unsolicited messages to a functional support console (FSC), provided with TPF APAR PJ27804.
PQ46459 16 Correct various problems introduced by common entry point (CEP) APAR PQ32210.
PQ46922 16 When a TPFDF file is restored with the CRUISE utility, which is available with APAR PQ23489, pool files used during restore processing are not released and a subsequent recoup will report these pool files as being lost.
PQ46990 16 B+Tree search does not work during index processing when the index file is a B+Tree using algorithm #TPFDBFF and at least one of the keys in the algorithm does not start at displacement 0.
PQ47054 16 System error DB0112 may occur when processing C language functions dfopn, dfifb, and dfcls when file reference name strings are coded less than 8 bytes.
PQ47099 16 Currently, there is no way for an application to force TPFDF to use the B+Tree index when adding an LREC or to request a B+Tree file to be packed when closed.
PQ48551 17 B+Tree problems including the B+Tree not being used when the prime data block becomes empty, a DB0100 system error being issued instead of a DBB100, and primary key up organized causes an invalid backward chain address.
PQ48582 16 A DB0138 system error does not occur when pools created with DBCRE based on a fixed file DBDEF are released and then accessed.
PQ48979 17 Code introduced by PN73989 (B+Tree indexing), may cause a CTL-4 system error to occur during the sort of a B+Tree file if the output file is empty.
PQ49042 16 The dfdel function ignores the DFDEL_INCLUDE list type parameter value during delete processing.
PQ49270 16 The CRUISE ZFCRU SETUP command only allows one file version number (FVN) with each REF ID. Therefore, capture requires the creation of separate CRUISE parameter tables and separate tapes for each REF ID/FVN combination.
PQ49400 17 Traditional TPF Recoup was upgraded for PJ28097 FARF6 Installation. As a result, the interface requirements to TPF re coup have changed. This APAR, PQ49400, provides TPFDF Recoup support for the new interfaces.
PQ49711 16 CRUISE capture ignores the IMB parameter table entry when set to NO.
PQ49738 16 A CTL-D2 system error may occur during DBCLS ABORT processing.
PQ49946 16 TPFDF CRUISE MRC processing, available with APAR PQ36341, may result in a CTL-35 system error (attempt to hold a record already being held).
PQ50275 16 Currently, TPFDF does not set an indicator when a subfile is empty after deleting LRECs.
PQ50524 17 Structured programming macros (SPMs) may resolve to an unconditional branch without warning when you code a zero in an #IF instruction. In addition, some SPM macros do not support all five equates to handle register zero.
PQ50700 17 TPFDF support for 32-Way Loosely Coupled.
PQ50941 17 CRUISE, provided with APAR PQ23489, allows REF IDs that do not have a database definition (DBDEF) to be added to the parameter table and processed without issuing a warning or error message.
PQ51032 17 CRUISE MRC support (introduced by PQ36341) could cause a system outage by depleting SWBs. Also, PQ23489 (CRUISE) included code for the REPLACE parameter and REPAIR function which are not supported.
PQ51241 17 System error OPR-DB0145 is issued on the next TPFDF macro following a close with REUSE inside a commit scope.
PQ51339 17 With PQ32210 applied, a CTL-3 system error and other error conditions may occur during DBCLS with REUSE processing whe n using a commit scope (TM=YES in DBDEF or SW02OP4,BIT1=ON). Possible OPR-DB0145 with TM=YES.
PQ51382 17 When displaying LRECs in a subfile in character or hexadecimal format via the ZUDFM OA*D command, the search key parameter Sdoes not allow x'4F' within the KEY option.
PQ51935 17 Broken chain (record ID) errors can occur while using a multi-ECB chain-chase on a TPFDF B+Tree subfile after applying the TPFDF support for Online Recoup and Pools Maintenance APAR, PQ42097.
PQ51955 18 The TPFDF product should be enhanced to take advantage of data event control blocks (DECBs) available in TPF and ALCS.
PQ52288 17 The UDFM0001I NO LABEL INFO FOR THIS LOGICAL RECORD message may occur when attempting to display a linked subfile using the ZUDFM DIS*L command and the MLS data was created using High Level Assembler Release 4.
PQ52356 17 After applying APAR PQ50275, a CTL-4 system error dump may occur during DBDEL ALL FULLFILE processing of an indexed detail pool file.
PQ52617 17 DBRED with FULLFILE and ALG parameters does not work properly on a database with multiple level indexing.
PQ52738 17 Various system errors, including CTL-4, CTL-7, CTL-23, CTL-32, and CTL-D2 may occur when using TPFDF enhanced DETAC mode, introduced by APAR PQ32209.
PQ53168 17 CRUISE may hang when capturing large databases.
PQ53452 17 System error DB0100 or CTL-4 may occur after a DBCLS with REUSE,RELFC.
PQ53948 17 After applying APAR PQ32210, performing an add operation with the AFTER parameter may result in the LREC being added to a different relative location within the subfile.
PQ54398 17 The TPFDF CRUISE historical statistics file, IRCEDF, can grow to an excessive size. This can cause the system to run low on resources.
PQ54576 17 When using MRC (available with APAR PQ36341) during CRUISE captures, some of the MRC control data is not properly initialized and copied to tape. This could possibly cause database corruption.
PQ54776 17 System error UDF010, INVALID PROCESSOR PASSED TO CONVERT, results when running recoup on a base-only system with TPFDF APAR PQ42097, online recoup and pools maintenance support, installed.
PQ54861 17 TPFDF CRUISE Multiple Reference Check (MRC) support, provided with APAR PQ36341, may not update file references correctly when running with multiple processors.
PQ54862 17 Restore will unnecessarily ends abnormally if an error occurs during processing of MRCT files.
PQ55170 18 SW00RTN and SW00RT2 error indicators are not set until after the system error is issued. Also, some system error appended messages display incorrectly.
PQ55177 17 After applying APAR PQ42097, which provided online recoup and pools maintenance support, TPFDF recoup does not execute user-defined code in the DBDEF when chain chasing a 'COUNT' type record.
PQ55601 18 DBMOD with the 'ALL' and 'FULLFILE' parameters may not work properly. More specifically, only part of a file may be processed.
PQ55616 17 With SIZECHECK=YES in the DBDEF and APAR PQ32210 applied, a CTL-4 system error may result, key comparisons may be incorrect, and LRECs may be placed at the wrong location.
PQ55949 17 TPFDF Maintenance and Test Utility (ZUDFM) message UDFM0410E was reverted back to UDFM0396E by APAR PQ32210 (CEP).
PQ56693 17 TPFDF recoup user exit processing before the forward index pointer is retrieved (specified by CDO= in the DBDEF) is no longer being done with APAR PQ42097 applied.
PQ56696 18 System resources can be depleted, causing a CTL-C to occur, when copying MRC control information to the capture tape or during CRUISE VERIFY processing.
PQ56724 17 Improve TPFDF recoup performance by changing the recoup ECB distribution algorithm.
PQ56744 18 ZFCRU DISPLAY ALL does not sort the CRUISE parameter table names. Furthermore, if no CRUISE tables exist, there is no online message generated that states this.
PQ57270 18 Segments UF1A and UF1F will not assemble on ALCS after applying APAR PQ50700 (TPFDF co-requisite APAR for TPF 32-way loosleycoupled support).
PQ57527 17 TPFDF recoup corrections: 1)Entries missing from ZRECP LOG 2) OPR-DB0102 on ZRECP LOG 3) Inactive groups may be shown to be active in the log display 4) Selective recoup can't find fileaddr's in online errlog.
PQ57571 17 TPFDF recoup crossover processing during phase I hangs with the online recoup and pools maintenance package (PQ42097).
PQ58372 17 DBDEF segment UF99 (test system overrides) may generate garbage (meaningless) database definitions (DBDEFs).
PQ59017 17 With APAR PQ46296 applied,the I/O field in the recoup activity report for TPFDF does not display the correct value.
PQ59048 17 Provide a user exit and sample source code to allow ZUDFM TRACE commands to work with IBM Visual Age for TPF Distributed Debugger.
PQ59198 21 An incorrect subfile might be accessed or modified when multiple subfiles are opened using the same reference name.
PQ59219 18 The DBRED LAST command specified without keys may inefficiently read each LREC in order to reach the last LREC.
PQ59443 18 APAR PQ48551 introduced code that may cause a CTL-4 or CTL-7 system error during the B+Tree close processing.
PQ59822 18 Possible CTL-3 or CTL-4 system errors may result after recoup has aborted.
PQ59969 18 During DBRST RSTRADD= FROMCHAIN processing, the "restored from" prime file address is released, but not marked as released by TPFDF. If the released file is subsequently accessed, a DB0138 dump does not occur.
PQ60326 18 The INLINE parameter for DBRED, dfred, DBADD, and dfadd is no longer useful and should be obsoleted. Additionally, the code generated in the application when using the INLINE parameter may not work correctly with future enhancements.
PQ60444 18 ZUDFM TRACE (ZUDFM OAS) might give a CTL-4.
PQ60511 18 TPFDF does not enforce the fact that the INITIALISE parameter on the DBDEL macro cannot be used unless the ALL parameter is specified.
PQ60572 18 STACKREF= processing should be redesigned so it is more efficient. This will greatly reduce the possibility of CTL-10 system errors during the processing of long chains on ALCS systems. Also, when using a string constant with STACKREF=, a length check is not performed, which may lead to unpredictable results.
PQ60974 17 Correct packaging error with APARs PQ23871 and PQ51339 for ALCS customers. Also correct the IEBUPDTE format file with APAR PQ53168 for TPF customers.
PQ61136 18 After applying APAR PQ32210, common entry point, a CTL-3 system error will occur when using DBOPN FILE=,DATA= when PARAM= is not coded.
PQ61414 18 A DB010A system error may occur when the ACPDB macro is coded with multiple parameters.
PQ61671 18 With APAR PQ50941 applied, undefined reference IDs in a given range could result in thousands of error messages being generated in the CRUISE log and to CRAS.
PQ61673 18 Misc. problems in the CRUISE utility, including display updates, routing restore abort messages, restart & pause indicator problems on restore or crossref processing, & remote console hangs when output addr. changes.
PQ61711 18 After applying APAR PQ32210, a DB010E system error may occur when a DBSRT is performed on an input file which was opened with the PARAM= option specifying a data level (Dx).
PQ61837 18 After applying APAR PQ32210, prime addresses for subfiles referenced by the INCLUDE parameter on a DBDEL ALL macro will not be released back to TPF correctly and are reported as "lost addresses" by recoup.
PQ61932 18 A DB0100 error will occur if a DBSRT macro is issued with a FULLFILE parameter, or if the dfsrt() function is issued with DFSRT_FULLFILE when using a W-type input file.
PQ61996 18 With APAR PQ49400 applied, performing TPFDF selective recoup may result in a CTL-3 or CTL-4 system error.
PQ62616 18 A new-line character (x'15'), entered as part of a ZUDFM command entry from a 3270 terminal, may not be removed from the input message.
PQ62811 18 The DBDSP macro with the PARAM= parameter coded on the DBOPN may result in a DB010E system error with APAR PQ32210 applied.
PQ63549 18 With APAR PQ32210 applied, assembly errors occur in segment UFI0 when &TPFDBDV in DBLCL is set to a value other than zero.
PQ64252 18 When merging (via the DBMRG macro) a file that is not a B+Tree file, a DB0105 system error may occur if default keys are specified.
PQ65155 18 The dfcre() C function does not provide a way to specify a record code check (RCC) when creating a subfile.
PQ65208 18 A CTL-D1 may occur during TPFDF recoup with APAR PQ56724 applied.
PQ65349 19 With APAR PQ42097 applied, the fixed error count is higher than the number of items in the online error log when TPFDF recoup times out. Also, with PQ56724 applied, timeout entries aren't written to the log.
PQ65588 21 APAR PQ42097 introduced some TPFDF recoup online messages with duplicate message numbers. Additionally, some C/C++ segments will not compile cleanly.
PQ65645 18 With APAR PQ53168 applied, TPFDF CRUISE does not throttle TWRTCs in UFI5. This can cause a CTL-C (out of SWBs) system error to occur.
PQ65765 18 CTL-4 during TPFDF recoup with APAR PQ56724 applied and unneces- sary hang conditions still occur.
PQ66018 18 A ZRECP LOG PROC command can produce a stream of DB0102 dumps after applying APAR PQ42097.
PQ66435 18 Provide allocated, loadable segments for TPF Debugger compatibility with ZUDFM TRACE, allow TPFDF commands to be used with the TPF Debugger command view, & allow TPF debugger to use LNIATA wildcard registration.
PQ66921 18 Inhibiting packing of TPFDF files during TPFDF recoup is not always working. This may result in database corruption.
PQ67177 18 The ZRECP LOG* command cannot be used with any processor other than the first in a loosely-coupled complex. Also, ZRECP STA with the VAL parameter does not return statistics for matching criteria properly.
PQ68111 18 With APAR PQ56724 applied, some data structures might not be chain chased by TPFDF Recoup when the COA= parameter is specified in the DBDEF to process user exit code.
PQ69685 18 With APAR PQ42097 applied, TPFDF recoup may use more ECBs than are allocated for it to use.
PQ69687 18 With APAR PQ56724 applied, recoup may not find all records in a TPFDF database.
PQ69735 18 TPFDF pool file releases are tagged with segment UWB2 instead of the application program name.
PQ70198 18 After applying APAR PQ32210, a DB010E system error may occur on a DBCLS when a DBRED with LIST= option was used previously and the file was opened with the DATA= option specifying a data level (Dx).
PQ70487 18 CRUISE, provided with PQ23489, does not selectively capture the ordinals specified in the CRUISE parameter table. Also, CRUISE does not RESTART correctly after a PAUSE, causing an error while backspacing the tape.
PQ71548 19 A CTL-10 may occur while pausing CRUISE during an MRC operation. Also, multiple DB0100 errors may occur during CRUISE MRC capture. In addition, database corruption is possible.
PQ73330 19 TPFDF C function dfdel_lst may generate a DBC070 system error when coded with no option parameters.
PQ73578 19 If a read backward is done on a file opened without HOLD that does not have full backward chaining, and if DBLCL has been set to allow backward reads without backward chaining, a DB010C system error is issued.
PQ74345 19 After applying data event control block (DECB) APAR PQ51955, a CTL-4 system error may occur in UFI8 during a CRUISE capture with a TARGET-MVS CRUISE parameter table entry.
PQ74416 19 With online recoup and pools maintenance APAR PQ42097 applied, a record ID with more than one file version in the DBDEF might incorrectly be skipped during recoup chain-chasing.
PQ74483 19 The TPFDF product should be prepared to take advantage of file address reference word 6 (FARF6) pool support, available on TPF.
PQ75496 19 Unpredictable results may occur during recoup if TPFDF recoup is paused during global-based structure processing.
PQ75626 19 With APAR PQ47099 applied, there may be a performance degradation in B+Tree applications.
PQ75887 19 Currently, TPFDF limits the size of an LREC to 4K or less. The TPFDF product should be updated to allow larger LREC sizes. There are various problems introduced by PQ51955 (DECB) and PQ74483 (FARF6).
PQ77651 19 Non-TPFDF files cannot be captured to MVS tapes. Also, the MRC overall record count incorrectly includes technical blocks.
PQ78271 19 For a P-type file, the DBRED LAST command specified without keys may inefficiently read each chain block in order to reach the last block. Previous APAR PQ59219 addresses this for R-type files.
PQ78273 19 A CTL-3 system error will occur during the CRUISE verify of non-TPFDF files.
PQ78532 19 A CTL-007 is possible while releasing blocks from the enhanced DETAC table when the count of detached blocks exceeds #DFDET_MAX.
PQ78638 19 After APAR PQ32210, a DB0145 system error will occur when a TPFDF macro is issued for an index file within a commit scope.
PQ79066 19 A DB0105 system error or other unpredictable results may occur when using DBRET on a subfile with different block sizes.
PQ79120 19 With APAR PQ60326 applied, applications that used to perform inline read operations in a large quantity may experience a performance degradation due to the obsoletion of inline read support in TPFDF.
PQ79833 19 An additional CTL-D1 system error may occur after an OPR-DB011B system error.
PQ80075 19 CRUISE will issue abort message FCRU0135E for partitioned files that have EOR=-1.
PQ80141 19 Correct miscellaneous issues after installing APAR PQ74483 (FARF6 Infrastructure Support).
PQ80294 19 With APAR PQ42097 installed, an ID may be chainchased twice during recoup after executing user code.
PQ80726 20 Recoup APAR PQ42097 has some problems: ZRECP STA results in a wrong max chain count, QUE processing does not work properly, some online messages are not output correctly, and ZRECP LOG is not validated properly.
PQ80731 19 Issuing DBADR may cause a subsequent DBCLS to issue a DB010E system error.
PQ81044 19 With APAR PQ74483 installed, recoup and CRUISE may result in a CTL-4 while chainchasing an index file that uses RCC=01. Also, recoup may report a record ID error as a software error.
PQ81077 19 The DBDEF macro issues an MNOTE when the EOR= parameter is coded with the ILV= or PTN= parameters.
PQ82179 19 The pooltype parameter passed from the dfsrt_pty function is incorrectly ignored.
PQ82200 19 On TPF systems, ZDFCH display does not indicate invalid file addresses.
PQ82286 19 With APAR PQ42097 applied, recoup reports errors found during chainchase incorrectly.
PQ82656 19 TPFDF DBDEF DELEMPTY processing (introduced with APAR PQ10084) does not recognize the backward chain option (OP1 #BIT0) properly in the DBDEF.
PQ82658 19 In some cases TPFDF does not set up boolean keys properly, resulting in unpredictable results.
PQ82818 19 Running CRUISE on TPF systems can result in input list shutdown as a result of UFI5's LODIC and spin on DLAYC when the LODIC call fails due to resource being too low.
PQ82900 19 A DB0112 may occur when EOR=-1 is specified for a file and a FACE error occurs on the first record retrieval of that file.
PQ83119 19 With online recoup APAR PQ42097 applied, recoup may not log deactivated addresses. Additionally, offset information from the parent record also is not logged.
PQ83551 19 A DB010C or CTL-35 error may occur because TPFDF closes the wrong copy of a file.
PQ83554 19 With APAR PQ46922 applied, TPFDF CRUISE may find and attempt to use a pool address that has already been released.
PQ83874 19 Lost addresses may occur if a TPFDF file's overflow block size (ARS) is changed, LRECs are added or expanded, and the file is packed.
PQ83930 19 With APAR PQ42097 applied, the recoup online error log includes pool file errors in the list of fixed errors.
PQ83981 19 #TPFDB0A algorithm does not recognize value X'7B' (C'#') as valid.
PQ84321 19 A CTL-3 or CTL-4 system error may result during TPFDF recoup and CRUISE chain chase if there is a corrupt record header in the database.
PQ84390 20 The path parameter is not handled correctly with the dfred() function when the area parameter is also specified, and a DBC170 system error may occur.
PQ84827 20 With APAR PQ52617 applied, DBADR may not return the correct detail pool file address.
PQ84889 20 In B+TREE processing, a DB0100 or DB010C dump or database corruption can occur when the data file uses a header that is larger than 26 bytes. Also, a CTL-3 may occur if a B+Tree file is read with more than 6 keys.
PQ85392 20 When a W-type pool gets checkpointed, a shorterm pooltype is used even if a long term pooltype is specified.
PQ85397 19 Some TPFDF segments will not compile when compiling with the z/OS V1R2 compiler.
PQ85997 20 With Online Recoup and Pools Maintenance APAR PQ42097 applied, recoup may hang due to a timing issue in the checkpointing of recoup keypoint BK0RP.
PQ86474 20 With APAR PQ44993 applied, CRUISE statistic records on subsystem users other than the primary one will not be recouped, causing statistics to be lost and an OPR-DB0100 when accessing the CRUISE statistic file.
PQ86515 20 CRUISE restore may incorrectly restore detail files or may cause SNAP dump FFFFFC to occur in an attempt to release a non-TPFDF file's chain.
PQ86693 20 A CTL-4 may occur when using CRUISE to capture or verify a database if the database has more than 8 levels.
PQ88266 20 When displaying CRUISE statistics for files with multiple levels, the header of the display can be overlaid by the trailer.
PQ88509 20 APARs PQ51955, PQ75887 and PQ80141 introduced segment mismatches between the MVS and VM versions due to sequence number inconsistencies.
PQ89169 20 Unpredictable results could occur as a result of an incorrectly coded string comparison during TPFDF recoup MPRECD= processing.
PQ89296 20 With TPF block checking mode on, DBDEL LIST= processing may cause a CTL-4 to occur.
PQ89489 20 With APAR PQ51955 applied, a CTL-4 and other unpredictable results may occur during DETAC table processing.
PQ90134 20 TPFDF recoup statistics do not show a unique run number.
PQ90236 20 The DFDSP_NOFINAL option is not correctly implemented and as a result of this, the subfile is closed even when DFDSP_NOFINAL is requested. This may lead to a DB00105 dump in subsequent TPFDF functions.
PQ90238 20 ZUDFM TRA display doesn't show correct current P-Type file address.
PQ90239 20 If a file is opened using ALG= and closed using NORELEASE, subsequent processing (i.e. DBRED) after closing the file will not use the correct subfile.
PQ90430 20 Correct miscellaneous issues in Recoup and CRUISE after installing APAR PQ74483 (FARF6 infrastructure support) and PQ75887 (LLR support).
PQ90770 20 IF DBLCL symbol &ACPDBRF is set to 1, TPFDF will use the ALCS or TPF version of RLCHA (release chain). However, with LLR (PQ75887) the ALCS and TPF version of RLCHA will not release the LLR chains properly.
PQ91310 20 After converting a B+tree file to a non-B+tree file, the B+Tree index is still referenced from the prime block (STDSBA) of the data file. This problem is caused by PN73989.
PQ91329 20 Offset field in the Recoup online error log (ZRECP ONEL) display is always zero for TPFDF files.
PQ91330 20 A CRUISE RESTART after PAUSE may duplicate records on capture.
PQ91496 20 CTL-4 from dfsetbam() when buf_siz is not set before dfadd() or dfrep().
PQ91557 20 After applying PQ32210, segment UWAE issues a DB0106 system error instead of a DB0100.
PQ91734 20 A DB0145 system error may occur when performing an operation in a commit scope on a TPFDF index file, such as using DBCRE to create an index.
PQ91889 20 Allow external TPFDF headers to be called using single source.
PQ92380 20 Attempting to add a terminal address to a restriction table that has many entries in it results in a 'DISPLAY TOO LONG' online message and the terminal address is not inserted into the table.
PQ92460 20 When compiling TPFDF B+Tree segments with the z/OS V1 R2 compiler, warnings will be generated from C$IBTREE and C$CDFLNK.
PQ93061 20 A ZUDFC DISPLAY with search criteria may incorrectly show an entry for record ID 'TO'.
PQ93549 20 TPFDF files that have packing inhibited during recoup (PACKINHI parameter in the DBDEF) may not be packed after running a selective recoup or after aborting recoup.
PQ94935 20 The TPFDF product should be enhanced to take advantage of file address reference word 6 (FARF6) pool support, available on TPF.
PQ95633 20 After applying PQ51955, CRUISE restore processing may cause a CTL-32 to occur.
PQ95747 20 TPFDF database definitions (DBDEFs) which are used by the TPF product should be contained in a segment shipped with TPF.
PQ95766 20 After applying APAR PQ74483 (FARF 6 infrastructure support), TPFDF recoup unnecessarily chases some records multiple times because the recoup chain chasing indicator (RCI) is no longer checked.
PQ95818 20 A pushdown chaining file may become corrupted if LRECs are added when the current block is not the prime block.
PQ96164 21 APAR PQ74483 incorrectly updated the ret_stack structure in c$cdfapi.h. Also, the documentation of the STACK, STACKREF parameter for DBRET/dfret and DBRED/dfret could be clarified.
PQ96246 20 Various problems introduced by APAR PQ94935, including database corruption. Also, APAR PQ74483 caused applications that use the DBRET API to increase in size when reassembled.
PQ96616 20 With APAR PQ32210 applied, the backward chain address in the prime block is not updated on a checkpoint (DBCKP) call.
PQ97721 20 With APAR PQ75887 applied, the error message for a ZUDFM REPLACE with LBL for an LLR lrec contains garbage characters.
PQ97762 20 Some TPFDF segments will not compile when compiling with the z/OS V1 R5 compiler. Also, some TPFDF segments will not compile with a return code of 0 when compiling with the z/OS V1 R2 compiler.
PQ98335 20 With APAR PQ94935 applied, when segment UFBB is assembled with third party software installed, an assembly error occurs.
PQ98883 20 When a TPFDF DBDEF times out during recoup, ZRECP CONTINUE BP cannot be used to continue without correcting the timeout error.
PQ99312 20 It is possible to get a CTL-3 out of BRC9 after a timeout has occurred during recoup.
PQ99523 20 It is possible to get a CTL-3 dump out of BRCG after a timeout has occurred.
PQ99582 21 CRUISE processing may hang because all CRUISE ECBs are suspended or cause a CTL-6DF system error during restore due to no available IOBs.