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  TPFDF Corequisite TPF APARs

TPFDF 1.1.3 and TPF 4.1 Corequisite APARs

Last update: 10 December 2008

The following table summarizes the corequisite authorized program analysis reports (APARs) between the TPFDF 1.1.3 and the TPF 4.1 products. This information is listed numerically by program update tape (PUT) beginning with the most recent PUT. The TPFDF 1.1.3 PUTs are presented first and followed by the corresponding TPF 4.1 PUTs. See the appropriate APEDIT for more information about an APAR.

TPFDF 1.1.3 and TPF 4.1 Corequisite APARs
Description TPFDF 1.1.3 Product TPF 4.1 System
TPFDF Recoup Queue Processing 24 PK56610 Defect 23 PJ32375 Defect
CRUISE LLR Processing 23 PK47851 Defect 22 PJ32153 Defect
Recoup Statistics Fields 23 PK46215 Defect 22 PJ32043 Defect
Fallback from an 8-Byte File Address Header 23 PK39646 Defect 22 PJ31841 Defect
ZRECP STATUS Response Processing 22 PK39970 Defect 21 PJ31836 Defect
z/OS Compiler (Change #pragma pack(packed)) 22 PK34634 SPE 21 PJ29963 SPE
Pool Depletion Replacing LLRs 22 PK33468 SPE 21 PJ31705 SPE
Eliminate Inconsistencies in Buffered Access Mode (BAM) Structure Field Attributes 22 PK33367 Defect 21 PJ31660 Defect
Recoup Chainchase Processing 22 PK32378 Defect 21 PJ31628 Defect
TPFDF Auto De-Indexing 22 PK26312 SPE 21 PJ31601 SPE
TPF Debugger Enhancements 21 PK21217 SPE 20 PJ31041 SPE
ALCS L3 Support 21 PK20320 SPE 20 PJ31083 SPE
TPFDF Recoup Statistics Processing 21 PK06942 Defect 20 PJ30791 Defect
ZUDFM DEF Displays DBDEF Option Bits for All Files 21 PK10080 SPE 20 PJ30735 SPE
Transaction Manager Error Processing 21 PK03608 Defect 20 PJ30241 Defect
ZRECP STA with 8-Byte File Address 20 PK01216 Defect 19 PJ30183 Defect
Continuous Data Collection (CDC) Support 20 PQ95747 SPE 19 PJ29925 SPE
TPFDF Recoup RCI Processing 20 PQ95766 Defect 19 PJ30004 Defect
TPFDF FARF6 Enablement 20 PQ94935 SPE 19 PJ29582 SPE
TPFDF Recoup Statistics Run Identifier 20 PQ90134 SPE 19 PJ29958 SPE
TPFDF Recoup Update Mechanism Correction 20 PQ85997 Defect 19 PJ29850 Defect
TPFDF FARF6 Infrastructure Support Follow-On 19 PQ80141 Defect 18 PJ29515 Defect
Large Logical Record (LLR) Support 19 PQ75887 SPE 18 PJ29285 SPE
TPFDF FARF6 Infrastructure Support 19 PQ74483 SPE 18 PJ29213 defect
ZUDFM TRACE command Compatibility with TPF Debugger 18 PQ66435 SPE 17 PJ28809 SPE
TPFDF Data Event Control Block (DECB) Support 18 PQ51955 SPE 17 PJ29089 SPE
TPFDF Data Event Control Block (DECB) Support 18 PQ51955 SPE 17 PJ28129 SPE
TPFDF Recoup Corrections 17 PQ57527 Defect 17 PJ28453 Defect
ZUDFM TRACE command with Visual Age for TPF Distributed Debugger 17 PQ59048 SPE 16 PJ28395 SPE
DBCLS  Processing with Commit Scopes  17 PQ51339 Defect 16 PJ28206 Defect
Compatibility with 8-Byte Pool File Addresses 17 PQ49400 SPE 15 PJ28097 SPE
32-Way Loosely Coupled Support 17 PQ50700 SPE 15 PJ27785 SPE
CRUISE Statistics Enhancement 16 PQ44993 Defect 16 PJ28286 Defect
Common Entry Point (CEP) Follow-On 16 PQ46459 Defect 15 PJ27847 Defect
Wrong Record Identifier (ID) 16 PQ42198 Defect 15 PJ27847 Defect
CEP Support 15 PQ32210 SPE 14 PJ27530 SPE
Multiple Reference Check (MRC) Support 15 PQ36341 SPE 14 PJ27305 SPE
CEP Support 15 PQ32210 SPE 13 PJ27073 SPE
Online Recoup and Pools Maintenance 15 PQ42097 SPE 13 PJ27469 SPE
TPFDF Macros Obsolesence 15 PQ38068 Defect 13 PJ27250 Defect
Commit Scope Follow-On 13 PQ35605 SPE 12 PJ28043 SPE
ZUDFM Command Enhancement 13 PQ30389 SPE 12 PJ26781 SPE
Commit Scope Support 13 PQ32209 SPE 11 PJ28108 SPE
Capture/Restore Utility, Information and Statistics Environment (CRUISE) Follow-On 12 PQ39571 SPE 12 PJ26879 Defect
CRUISE Follow-On PQ23871 SPE 11 PJ26384 SPE
CRUISE 11 PQ46922 SPE 10 PJ26125 SPE
UFDD Greater Than 4 K 11 PQ21420 Defect 10 PJ25953 Defect
Enhanced Fast Link Support 10 PQ17413 SPE 09 PJ25684 SPE
Delete Empty Blocks from a Subfile Enhancement 10 PQ82656 SPE 08 PJ25261 SPE
Structured Programming Macros (SPMs) Follow-On 09 PQ10171 Defect 08 PJ25141 Defect
ZRECP Q RESET Command Correction 09 PQ10319 Defect 08 PJ25177 Defect
DBADR and DBRED Macros Wraparound 08 PQ02793 Defect 07 PJ24626 Defect
E-Type Loader Correction 08 PQ00270 Defect 06 PJ24025 Defect
Selective Restore, Restart or Recall Correction 08 PQ00356 Defect 06 PJ24316 Defect
SPMs Correction 08 PQ02342 Defect 06 PJ24439 Defect
TPFDF ISO-C Follow-On 08 PQ02138 Defect 06 PJ24344 Defect
TPFDF ISO-C Support 07 PN80446 SPE 06 PJ21694 SPE
Unique Message Number Support 07 PQ00810 SPE 06 PJ24147 SPE
ZUDFM OAI/DBTAB/BRF Command Enhancement 07 PN88105 Defect 06 PJ23336 Defect
Dump Processing Enhancement 07 PN86473 SPE 05 PJ22962 SPE
SPMs Follow-On 07 PN86472 SPE 05 PJ22958 SPE
SPMs Follow-On 07 PN86472 SPE 05 PJ23325 Defect
TPF Data Collection and General Data Sets (GDS) User Exit Enhancement 07 PN86475 SPE 05 PJ22975 SPE
TPFDF Data Collection Statistics Enhancement 07 PN86542 SPE 05 PJ22975 SPE
Enhanced C Language Follow-On 06 PN84867 Defect 05 PJ22670 Defect
Global Modification and Keycheck Support 06 PN84757 SPE 05 PJ22975 SPE
Recoup Performance Degradation 06 PN78979 Defect 05 PJ21224 Defect
LONGNAME C/370 Compiler Support 06 PN83670 SPE 05 PJ22452 SPE
B+ Tree Support 05 PQ48979 SPE 03 PJ19689 SPE
Enhanced C Language Support 04 PN67830 SPE 02 PJ28202 SPE
Recoup Correction 03 PN51644 Defect 01 PJ14959 Defect
TPFDF Dump Option Correction 03 PN62258 Defect 02 PJ15089 Defect
ZUDFM OAS Command Support 03 PN57993 SPE 02 PJ15324 Defect
ZUDFM OAS Command Support 03 PN57993 SPE 01 PJ14805 SPE