Downloading TPF Products

The full product releases of z/TPF, ALCS, Operations Server, Passenger Rail Reservation Service (IPRRS), and Reservation Platform for Distributed Systems (ResP) are available through e-delivery on the web to current licenseholders of these products.
For all products except TPF 4.1, e-delivery is in addition to the CD-ROM delivery of product files. For TPF 4.1, e-delivery is available for PUT 22 through PUT 25 and is the only way to obtain cumulative program updates.

The user ID and the method of authorization for full product download access are different from those used for maintenance. To download the full product, the licenseholder must have a "universal IBM user ID." The steps below describe how to get the necessary user ID and obtain the products by e-delivery download. This has no effect on maintenance.

There are 2 or 3 steps to getting a full TPF product by e-delivery download, depending on whether you already have an IBM user id:

  1. If you do not already have a universal IBM user ID, you can obtain one by going to page and filling out the form with the required information.

    Note: your IBM user ID MUST BE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS that can receive e-mail.

    You only need to register for the IBM user ID once. If you have an IBM user ID, you can skip this first step.

  2. If you have a universal IBM user ID, request authorization to access full product downloads from your IBM user ID. Go to the ztpf-request link,
    and sign in with your IBM user ID (from step 1). Enter all required information on this form and place a check mark next to each product for which you are requesting download access. Click the "submit" button to send the data to IBM.

    IBM authorization to download the requested products should be completed within 24-48 hours during normal business hours. You will receive an e-mail at the address that is your IBM user ID. The e-mail will contain the link to the product download web site.

  3. Only when you have a universal IBM user id authorized for TPF products can you download a product. Click on the link embedded in the e-mail (from step 2), or go to the ztpf-download link,
    and sign in your IBM user ID. Review the check boxes in the Privacy section of the webpage, and then click the "submit" button.

    A list of products which this user ID is authorized to download will be displayed. Select only one product at a time from the list, click the "continue" button, and a page will display that allows you to retrieve that product's packages using Download Director or HTTP SaveAs.

    When you have downloaded what you want for the product, use the "back" button on your browser to return to the list of products so you can select another and access its download page. Continue this process until you have downloaded everything you want. You can return to the ztpf-download page any time.