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TPF Application Requester (TPFAR)

The TPF Application Requester (TPFAR) provides TPF application architects and database managers with the ability to store or retrieve data from a relational database which supports DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture). By using TPFAR, the TPF customer can access information stored within a relational database such as DB2 or Oracle. Pertinent data can also be inserted into a relational database in those cases where the relational storage technique is a better fit to the data than the various standard TPF database access methods.

TPFAR is being used, as example, by many TPF customers to store CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data such as, frequent flyer information. Information appropriate to CRM can be added to a relational database in real-time, such as passenger information being added to the airlines departure control database. This information can then be accessed real-time through standard queries off-line from the business critical TPF system.

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