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PUT Levels Refer by Closure Sequence (flat file) New Parts (flat file)
PUT 13 APAR Number close13.txt (3KB) nupart13.txt (15KB)
PUT 14 APAR Number close14.txt (3KB) nupart14.txt (4KB)
PUT 15 APAR Number close15.txt (4.6KB) nupart15.txt (5KB)
PUT 16 APAR Number close16.txt close16.csv (2KB) nupart16.txt (0.8KB)
PUT 17 APAR Number close17.txt close17.csv (16KB) nupart17.txt (3KB)
PUT 18 APAR Number close18.txt close18.csv (5KB) nupart18.txt (2KB)
PUT 19 APAR Number close19.txt close19.csv (45KB) nupart19.txt (38KB)
PUT 20 APAR Number close20.txt close20.csv (36KB) nupart20.txt (5KB)
PUT 21 APAR Number close21.txt close21.csv (21KB) nupart21.txt (3KB)
PUT 22 APAR Number close22.txt close22.csv (11KB) nupart22.txt (0.3KB)
PUT 23 APAR Number close23.txt close23.csv (19KB) nupart23.txt (0.9KB)
PUT 24 APAR Number close24.txt close24.csv (8KB) nupart24.txt (0.4KB)
PUT 25 APAR Number close25.txt close25.csv (6KB) nupart25.txt (0.3KB)
PUT 26 APAR Number close26.txt close26.csv (3KB) nupart26.txt (0.05KB)

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