TPF Family Products: Maintenance

The TPF Operations Server product releases maintenance online cumulatively; only the latest patch file needs to be applied to get the latest APAR updates. Individual APAR updates are also available to be applied to the current version which is available on CD or via download. When a new version is made available, the prior version's APAR updates are no longer available separately because they have been incorporated into the new version.

Maintenance for TPF Operations Server is available to current licenseholders. To request a user ID and password, send a note to TPF Product Support.

To download a single APAR package, click on the package link at the bottom of the APAR description, log into the server with your TPF Operations Server maintenance user ID and password, then click Back on your browser, and click on the appropriate link again to begin the download.

All customers licensed for TPF Operations Server can also download the most recent full version of the product. For instructions on how to do that click here.

Current Release: Version 1.2.06 Last updated: 12/07/2016 Questions?
See new APARs for the current release (1.2.06).