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Download IPARS 2.4.1 maintenance

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APAR APAR Date PTF Abstract
AK86999 Sep 2009 UK47603 IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for z/OS optimized local adapters (OLA) support.
AM10664 Jun 2010 UK56982 Add installation-wide monitor exit USRTCP8. APAR AM07527 updates ALCS.
AM16518 Jul 2010 UK58056 Updated USRCOM5 with additional comments.
AM06533 Sep 2010 UK59587 Add pool dispense array ECB exit APDR. APAR AM02171 updates ALCS.
AM25136 Nov 2010 UK62509 Remove sequence numbers from headers to allow compilation.
AM15973 Nov 2010 UK61967 HOOKC exits for third party debugging software. APAR AM15972 updates ALCS.
AM25661 Feb 2011 UK63880 ALCS online message trace facility. APAR AM21912 updates ALCS.
AM31302 Aug 2011 UK69509 Allow user to set PUT options in MQ bridge. APAR AM31300 updates ALCS.
AM41869 Aug 2011 UK71804 Do not copy SLC messages to the message switching TCC.
AM38416 Aug 2011 UK70905 Large email user exit. Apar AM37819 updates ALCS.
AM50296 Nov 2011 UK72677 Inhibit scrolling user exit. Apar AM46746 updates ALCS.
AM46753 Nov 2011 UK75439 WAS bridge management exits. Apar AM46740 updates ALCS.
AM67659 Jul 2012 UK82823 Correct sample code return code in DXCUCOM2.
AM75964 Nov 2012 UK83943 Sample user exit USRWSTR for control of Debug Tool.
AM81806 Feb 2013 UK92510 Add ZLOGN audit exit. Requires ALCS Apar AM81804.
AM81818 Oct 2013 UI11872 Add CRYPC processing user exit. Requires ALCS Apar AM81677.