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APAR APAR Date PTF Abstract
AK73327 Nov 2008 UK41217 CTL-0003B8 from SPOCC sending message to MATIP printer.
AK67569 Nov 2008 UK41220 Recoup abnormally terminates with CTL-3.
AK73412 Nov 2008 UK43055 Use correct application name in THRTC macro.
AK73620 Nov 2008 UK41245 Protect the ALCS end-of-task resource manager.
AK67932 Nov 2008 UK41260 Prevent CTL-000003 from ZDPDU command. Correct ZDPDU response message header. Retrofit of 2.3.1 APAR AK65905.
AK68243 Nov 2008 UK41261 Add UHEAP and UFREE callable services for installation-wide monitor exits.
AK73616 Nov 2008 UK41808 Always clean up terminals when TCP/IP connection stops.
AK73194 Nov 2008 UK41262 Always call USRCOM2 for messages from MQ Bridge terminals. Pass correct parameters to USRMQB0 and USRMQB1 exits.
AK67428 Nov 2008 UK42340 A new field has been added to the ECB to detect overlays.
AK78495 Jan 2009 UK44293 Update ALCS messages to allow for EAV volumes.
AK76466 Jan 2009 UK43112 In z/OS 1.8 need to remove zIIP/zAAP processors from ZPERF output.
AK77259 Jan 2009 UK43117 ZCTCP HELP and ZDCOM HELP update.
AK78334 Jan 2009 UK43169 December Performance Monitor record not created.
AK75374 Jan 2009 UK44291 Validate Pool Pointers.
AK78476 Feb 2009 UK44292 Allow (SCTGEN) PAGE=STORE1|STORE2|STORE3.
AK79420 Feb 2009 UK44478 Ensure VTAM logon always completes.
AK75376 Mar 2009 UK44907 Send MATIP Session Open (retrofit AK65912).
AK81689 Mar 2009 UK45181 ECB Collection Process needs to happen every 200ms.
AK73678 Mar 2009 UK45182 Add ZPERF SU Command support.
AK81233 Mar 2009 UK45294 Prevent CTL-000010 from ZRETR command.
AK82719 Mar 2009 UK45295 BEGIN to set &CG2 with SYSPARM(DXCLIBC)
AK83139 May 2009 UK46952 APIDC callable service added.
AK82586 May 2009 UK46438 #ETX added as ASCII EOM character.
AK86824 May 2009 UK46925 DXCBHLLO is reshipped with a compiled object deck.
AK81230 Jun 2009 UK46924 Prevent ALCS restart failure with ABEND80A ABEND40D.
AK85131 Jun 2009 UK47174 Make DXCSRG record access mix report optional.
AK91194 Aug 2009 UK49392 Performance Monitor to show correct CPU consumption.
AK93076 Aug 2009 UK49393 Always initialise #KPTRI(15) to avoid RECOUP error.
AK83249 Sep 2009 UK47537 IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for z/OS optimized local adapters (OLA) support.
AK84106 Oct 2009 UK49394 Macro changes for TPF 4.1 compatibility.
AK84984 Oct 2009 UK50370 Make COMCC parameters more flexible.
AK95548 Oct 2009 UK50921 Record calling program instead of TPFDF program in ST Pool Event Log.
AK96217 Oct 2009 UK50923 ALCS trace control command responses copied to RO CRAS.
AK83141 Oct 2009 UK51851 Show CRN and CRAS status on bottom line of 3270 screen.
AK89906 Oct 2009 UK49395 CTL-11 when logon from deleted communication resource.
AK96680 Oct 2009 UK50624 ALCS WAS OLA support follow up items.
AK98186 Oct 2009 UK50922 Add sequence numbers to DXCZPCHK.
AK98890 Nov 2009 UK50924 Communication generation timeout error messages corrected.
AK99844 Nov 2009 UK51853 Previous data set name for command ZASEQ DSNAME= shown.
AK87681 Nov 2009 UK52486 Correct linkage and C/C++ functions in DLL support.
AM00717 Nov 2009 UK52591 Prevent ROUTC from clearing backward chain field in printer messages.
AM00723 Nov 2009 UK52872 Pass communication terminal resource entry from DXCMQB to DXCCOMT.
AK91704 Dec 2009 UK52592 Prevent errors from scrollable messages when using large screen sizes.
AM00761 Dec 2009 UK52593 Allow more than one IP address in RHOST for TCPIPALC terminal. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0293.
AM05500 Feb 2010 UK54040 Prevent CTL-000001 on ZCTCP DISC,FORCE command.
AK98661 Feb 2010 UK53534 Enhance ZDPRG with load module information and enhance ZPCTL with application program information. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0288.
AM03744 Feb 2010 UK53535 Correct default buffer size for 3270 printer over MQ and WAS.
AK90445 Mar 2010 UK54074 Correct missing definitons in c$am0sg and c$co0re.
AM07222 Mar 2010 UK54093 Set MATIP Type B to use ECB flag CFFHSE instead of CFFLSE.
AM09777 Mar 2010 UK54659 Prevent CTL-000001 in DXCNUC WAIT routine.
AM05870 Mar 2010 UK55218 Prevent CTL-000001 system error when ST pool interval exceeds 3,928,320 records.
AM10248 Mar 2010 UK54660 ALCS to close the configuration datasets at shutdown.
AM01490 Mar 2010 UK54661 ALCS has been enhanced to allow up to 4000 sockets on a single server.
AK81231 Apr 2010 UK55210 Include ASCU list in MATIP Session Open.
AM08991 May 2010 UK56483 Prevent CTL-000010 on ZPCTL D xxxxxxxx PROGRAMS and ZDPRG xxxx MODULES.
AM10887 May 2010 UK56633 Prevent CTL-000001 due to IOCB overlay with Websphere MQ V7.
AM12957 May 2010 UK56718 Prevent CTL-000001/CTL-000003 on DISPC RELEASE with CRI.
AM03887 Jun 2010 UK56757 ZPCTL LOADSET support enables multiple modules to be loaded atomically.
AM07527 Jun 2010 UK56981 Data captured by TCP/IP trace increased from 32 bytes to 372 bytes. AM10664 updates IPARS components.
AM16703 Jul 2010 UK57038 Updated TCPIP support in ALCS for time1=0 to work as described.
AM10360 Jul 2010 UK58055 Prevent CTL-000011 due to CE1CGB invalid after C Stack freed.
AM17591 Jul 2010 UK57826 Updated ENQC timeout to work as described in the ALCS manuals.
AM15976 Jul 2010 UK58033 Capture input messages for tracing to diagnostic sequential file.
AM16712 Jul 2010 UK58050 Avoid MQ subtask CTL-0004A8 when received message is too large.
AM16864 Jul 2010 UK58051 Make ZCTCP ACTivate work the same way as ZACOM ACTivate.
AM02171 Sep 2010 UK59412 Introduce Pool Dispensing Array for Restore.
AK95556 Sep 2010 UK58160 Support for the latest versions of Debug Tool.
AM21917 Oct 2010 UK59972 Follow up to UK58160. Avoid C/C++ CTL-3. Protect ALCS from DXCPCH 0C4 catastrophic error.
AM23829 Oct 2010 UK60895 Follow up to UK59412. Correct ZPDAR CREATE from causing a loop.
AM02216 Oct 2010 UK61468 Addition of the lodic_ext api from TPF 4.1.
AM23555 Nov 2010 UK61529 Enable RONIC for allocatable pool.
AM12338 Nov 2010 UK61482 Display VFA hitrate online. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0270.
AM25133 Nov 2010 UK61896 Prevent CTL-11 when using remote debugger.
AM15972 Nov 2010 UK61966 HOOKC exits for third party debugging software.
AM17973 Nov 2010 UK61961 Correct ALCS recovery from EWOULDBLOCK condition.
AM27913 Jan 2011 UK63881 Correct ENQC TIMEOUT=0 not waiting forever.
AM28974 Jan 2011 UK63882 PDAR records to only be dispensed after a RESTORE.
AM29603 Jan 2011 UK63889 Avoid CTL-000010 on ZCTCB Task Display.
AM21912 Feb 2011 UK63875 ALCS online message trace facility. AM25661 contains IPARs components. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0302.
AM30101 Feb 2011 UK65432 Avoid a CTL-00003D on test systems.
AM31028 Feb 2011 UK65486 Correct OCTM group name table restart.
AM31514 Feb 2011 UK65487 Correct SHR= and XCL= parameters.
AM27189 Mar 2011 UK65431 Use storage blocks from Type 1 SUs for small heap requests.
AM32277 Mar 2011 UK65967 Prevent CTL-3 in CPM7 on extra system record process.
AM33537 Mar 2011 UK66201 Enable TDTAC to handle zero length VB records correctly.
AM33768 Mar 2011 UK66555 Avoid ZPOOL IDLOG table corruption.
AM33923 Mar 2011 UK66557 Avoid CTL-1 or CTL-10 when WILDC pattern table has not been cleared.
AM34884 Mar 2011 UK67030 Avoid DISPC workarea overlay after AM21912.
AM27957 May 2011 UK67152 Allow system limits greater than 64K. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0246.
AM35946 May 2011 UK67665 Adjust the ZTRAC MSG DISPLAY format to be more readable.
AM37903 Jun 2011 UK70837 Prevent Loop on ADDFA When Pool Ring Full.
AM22459 Jun 2011 UK67865 Add infrastructure for ZDMOD command.
AM41856 Jun 2011 UK71770 Remove duplicate line from DXCINT
AM35187 Jul 2011 UK70096 Add ECB-controlled program online message trace support.
AM31300 Aug 2011 UK69168 Allow user to set PUT options in MQ bridge. AM31302 contains IPARS updates.
AM33370 Aug 2011 UK70095 ZDMOD functional entry handler.
AM36014 Aug 2011 UK70097 Sub-second timeout support.
AM38447 Aug 2011 UK70942 Fix ZPCTL D discrepancy.
AM38456 Aug 2011 UK71084 Handle error messages from LE properly.
AM41462 Aug 2011 UK71676 Prevent ACTR limit exceeded error.
AM41861 Aug 2011 UK71784 Prevent CTL-000402 if not CPU loop TCB.
AM37819 Aug 2011 UK70126 Add large email support.
AM44309 Aug 2011 UK71817 Issue 00031E dump when discarding an invalid ALC format message.
AM47055 Sep 2011 UK72270 Ship macros missing from AM22459.
AM32820 Oct 2011 UK72031 Enhance the ZALCS Command.
AM39262 Oct 2011 UK72032 Implement ALCS monitor loop detector.
AM47056 Oct 2011 UK72301 ALCS C/C++ linkage improvements.
AM49569 Oct 2011 UK72366 Add STV CRI parameter to DXCDTP.
AM51235 Nov 2011 UK72030 Ship full source replacement of DXCGTC.
AM50483 Nov 2011 UK75438 Check ZDCOM MAX= parameter for valid data.
AM46746 Nov 2011 UK73384 Allow messages to be sent to WAS bridge and TCPIP ALC terminals without scrolling.
AM50480 Dec 2011 UK75387 Add millisecond support for ZCTHR.
AM50482 Dec 2011 UK75391 Correct order of addresses in message DXC8383E.
AM46740 Dec 2011 UK75364 WAS bridge management using CRN.
AM51931 Dec 2011 UK75440 Extra tags for ZALCS added.
AM53547 Dec 2011 UK75441 CTL-000422 made non-catastrophic.
AM23217 Jan 2012 UK74913 Correct fix delivery issue with APAR repository.
AM54082 Jan 2012 UK76463 Remove STIMERM from the timeout logic.
AM54360 Jan 2012 UK76464 DXCCOMQ restructure to make space for user changes.
AM52670 Jan 2012 UK76026 Add support for MVS Large Pages.
AM55750 Jan 2012 UK76465 Handle OLA send and printer ACK error.
AM55856 Jan 2012 UK76466 Correct maximum message length check in CGTY.
AM55606 Jan 2012 UK76467 Correct DXCMAT_LENGTH checks in DXCSOCA.
AM55612 Jan 2012 UK76468 Correct display year portion of bind date in ZDMOD.
AM56570 Jan 2012 UK76469 Restore registers in CEA1 after SYSRA for dump.
AM50518 Feb 2012 UK76549 Correct incompatibilities with Debug Tool and conversational trace.
AM56552 Feb 2012 UK76550 Prevent potential spin loop in DXCNUC.
AM56491 Feb 2012 UK76470 Add timestamp field to ZDPGM Modules display.
AM57621 Feb 2012 UK76471 Recognise an input message from WAS in place of an ACK.
AM58211 Feb 2012 UK78654 Add connections to a ZDCOM E display for a WASbridge.
AM55653 Apr 2012 UK78655 Allow tracing of HOOKC macros within REGSTOP address ranges.
AM61042 May 2012 UK79780 Avoid CSC1 CTL-000003 on TRT.
AM62688 May 2012 UK79781 Redo AM37903 which missed a line of code from DXCGFR.
AM60568 May 2012 UK79782 Wake up ALCS CPULOOP tasks from MQ subtasks.
AM61060 May 2012 UK79783 Move return information on a THRTC call to Register 14.
AM50480 May 2012 UK78441 Reship DXCPERF as source shipped incorrectly in UK75387.
AM64235 May 2012 UK79784 Have ZPCTL unload of a userexit revert to previous version immediately.
AM56987 Jun 2012 UK79785 Provide cryptographic support using ICSF.
AM44313 Jul 2012 UK80254 Avoid storage protection errors by ending monitor on a 4K boundary.
AM64236 Jul 2012 UK80255 Add extra information to the ZDFIL I display.
AM44305 Jul 2012 UK82820 Prevent ECB corruption on an invalid SQL SELECT call.
AM59355 Jul 2012 UK80964 Correct ZDMOD display.
AM67394 Jul 2012 UK82821 DXCOPZ restructure to make space for user changes.
AM69100 Jul 2012 UK82822 Correct ZAFIL processing.
AM71281 Sep 2012 UK82552 Prevent CTL-000001 in DXCGFR when VFA above the BAR.
AM72391 Oct 2012 UK83665 Use correct base for comic workarea in CSC7.
AM73002 Oct 2012 UK83666 Increase size of some ZSTAT display fields.
AM72836 Oct 2012 UK83667 Clear communication table locks when more than 400 COMTC replace entries are specified.
AM70788 Oct 2012 UK82756 Usability enhancements to ZTRAC for Debug Tool.
AM75721 Oct 2012 UK83668 Avoid CTL-000001 in DXCPERF after ZCTCB TASK.
AM72254 Oct 2012 UK83669 Add IP addr to ZCTCP MATIP ASCUS display. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0314.
AM75339 Nov 2012 UK83940 Preserve R08 over WTOPC.
AM76222 Nov 2012 UK83941 Avoid CTL-400 during high TASNC activity.
AM76251 Nov 2012 UK83942 Restore branch in CGTC after UK82756
AM77825 Dec 2012 UK90826 Reship DXCGTC to avoid assembly errors after UK82756.
AM78278 Dec 2012 UK90827 Avoid possible CTL-000400.
AM75340 Jan 2013 UK90828 Check language before calling LE error handler.
AM81201 Jan 2013 UK92504 Avoid setting number of dispatchers incorrectly after AM78278.
AM81804 Feb 2013 UK92505 Add ZLOGN audit exit. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0279.
AM63970 Feb 2013 UK92506 Option to revert to 2.3.1 level of ALC checking for MQ terminals.
AM83110 Feb 2013 UK92507 Reship CAT5 source corrupted after UK82756.
AM78725 Mar 2013 UK92508 Add C/C++ wrapper for THRTC macro.
AM79722 Mar 2013 UK92509 Prevent potential buffer overruns when using C string functions.
AM60898 Mar 2013 UK93582 Validate storage correctly in dump processing.
AM85105 Apr 2013 UK94204 Avoid CTL-3 in CSC3 when RCR held.
AM78949 May 2013 UK94203 Correct DXCBHLLE and protect ALCS if HLL pointer corrupted.
AM89108 Jun 2013 UK95135 Correct ACEE counter handling.
AM89165 Jun 2013 UK95136 Correct ECB program assembly errors.
AM83292 Jul 2013 UK97407 Avoid ABEND0C4 on DB2 Connect call.
AM90348 Jul 2013 UK97408 Updates for remote terminal and message trace.
AM91385 Jul 2013 UK97409 Avoid further errors after a CTL-00011A.
AM68262 Sep 2013 UK97330 Avoid CTL-000417 at ALCS restart.
AM92686 Sep 2013 UI11862 Correct ZDFIL input validation routine.
AM94304 Sep 2013 UI11863 Avoid CTL-000010 during RECOUP.
AM94432 Sep 2013 UI11866 Avoid register overflow in ZSTAT VFA HITRATE calculation.
AM94835 Sep 2013 UI11868 Avoid CTL-000003 on ZDFIL I ST POOL.
AM96919 Sep 2013 UI11871 Avoid unnecessary quiesces by AUTHNONE routine.
AM81677 Oct 2013 UI12039 Additional cryptographic support.
AM99592 Oct 2013 UI12548 Display DECB by name in conversational trace. This satisfies User Group requirement ATC0317.
AI06973 Dec 2013 UI14325 Correct page fault handling after AM60898/UK93582.
AM73561 Dec 2013 UI14324 Support User DLL loading and correct PIPI @LOAD service routine.
AI07863 Jan 2014 UI14916 Add macro name pseudonyms to ZHELP ZTRAC.
AM77319 Jan 2014 UI14917 Avoid CTL-3 on ZCTHR DISPLAY in CTH5.
AI08381 Jan 2014 UI14918 Avoid CTL-000CD1 on termination after entdc().
AI08982 Jan 2014 UI14919 Correct year portion of date shown in ZDPRG.
AI10479 Jan 2014 UI14920 Avoid lost ECB after TOURC.
AM94519 Feb 2014 UI14922 Add support for ZMAIL MTA=domain-name.
AI11702 Feb 2014 No PTF yet. Remove incorrect line from DXCSOCM.