ALCS Library

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ALCS Library
ALCS V2.4.1 The ALCS manuals are available in PDF format on this website. We advise you download the full PDF to your local system and launch the Acrobat Reader against it directly rather than viewing online.
This link takes you to a license agreement page before allowing you access to the manuals.
Online Libraries Description
z/OS Library

ALCS V2.4.1

TPFDF 1.1.3
The ALCS softcopy library is available on the z/OS Software Products Collection CD-ROM (SK3T-4270), and can also be viewed from the Web.

Note: To view and print the PDF files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is available for free from the Adobe Web site:
Message lookup Description
LookAt LookAt is an online facility that lets you look up explanations for most of the IBM messages you encounter, as well as some system abends and codes.