ALCS Education

IBM provides two classes for the ALCS product. They are the ALCS Concepts and Applications class and the ALCS System Programming class.

They are one week classes that are provided for ALCS Application and System Programmers.

The ALCS Concepts and Applications class is designed to provide fundamental knowledge on the concepts of ALCS and the facilities it provides. This class is essential for programming staff who have recently started working with ALCS.

The ALCS System Programming class is designed to give ALCS System Programmers the knowledge to install, customize and maintain an ALCS system.

These classes are taught at the IBM UK offices located near London. For information on the dates when these courses are available and the course fees, contact ALCS Customer Services and Support at

These classes can also be taught at a customer site, or at any appropriate facility, including an IBM location.

ALCS Concepts & Applications Class

ALCS System Programming Class