What are people saying about CICS

"It looks like IBM has once again provided yet another new CICS release with a very good balance between new innovation and essential technology foundation enhancements, sure to please CICS application consumers, architects, developers, system administrators and management.

At the University of Florida, we're excited about specific CICS TS V5.1 enhancements such as the new PERFORM SSL REBUILD command (for very high CICS availability), transient data facility threadsafe enhancements (for performance improvements), policy management and automation around resource consumption thresholds (such as CPU, SQL and file access) and new CICS Monitoring Facility (CMF) performance data such as SSL ciphers and System z specialty engine (zAAP/zIIP) utilization and/or eligibility."
Steve Ware, University of Florida

"For me, the main value of CICS Deployment Assistant (DA) is time (and money) saving in (re)discovering the topology of the today’s complex CICS environments.
CICS DA is the end of the approximation in the knowledge of reality of the CICS technical infrastructures. Even for those who have been managing them for many years.
CICS DA should be the preferred tool in the CICS infrastructure consolidation projects.
CICS DA helps in integrating new comers into the IT team and avoids many errors in both operations and architectural activities due to the lack of knowledge of the actual environments.
The CICS Explorer bases facilities for cloning the CICS regions and attaching them into CICSplexes make it very easy, even for non highly skilled CICS and CICSPlex SM system programmers."
Jean Paul Caron, JPRC Sarl

"To me CICS 5.1 is a message from IBM loud and clear that customer investments in CICS applications and data can and will play a significant part in cloud based architectures of the future."
Russ Tuebner, Hostbridge Technology

"CICS is a rock solid platform for the businesses. I believe the new Version 5 of CICS opens a new way of working with applications"
Michael Erichsen, Xact Computing

"IBM is on the right track with its strategic direction of CICS"
Gary Henderson, ASG

"In my opinion CICS is the platform of choice for business critical systems, so why would you choose any other? It's the best place to be developing applications that are business critical certainly to deploy them and operate them."
Stephen Mitchell, Matter of Fact Software

“Typically, we now process around 100 million transactions each day, but during this year’s Easter holiday, online shopping events pushed our daily transactions to a peak of 128 million—an increase of more than 10 percent... IBM CICS is of paramount importance to most of our clients.”
Jan Brandvold, EVRY