What are people saying about CICS TS V4.2

"BMC Software participated in the CICS/TS 4.2 Early Test Program (ETP), enabling us to deliver early support for this new release in our products. The agile development method the IBM team used in the ETP enabled us to focus on having specific functions and features tested and complete throughout the ETP. We found the ETP to be very well planned and the IBM Hursley team to be helpful and responsive to our questions and concerns during testing. This was especially apparent in the enhancements to move CICS into a 64-bit world. Overall, we give the ETP high marks as it enabled us to get our CICS products ready quickly to support the CICS/TS 4.2 release and our customers.

As a result of our work with IBM on the CICS/TS 4.2 ETP, BMC Software is pleased to provide support for CICS TS Version 4.2"

Billy Bigelow - Product Architect
CICS Performance Solutions
BMC Software, Inc.

"It is always in the best interest of the US Government to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Speaking for myself and not as an official Government representative, I believe that being part of the CICS TS beta programs has proven to be the best way to gain the technology required to lead our department to the successful conversion of over 250 CICS regions.”

Jerry Harding
Modernization Support Team
US Government Department

"Nothing else can handle the diverse workload or the volume that we put through CICS and deliver the same degree of reliability. Otherwise, we'd be running it."

Robert Garrett
CICS Systems Programmer with a large U.S.-based financial services company

"Our clients and ourselves are very interested in using newer technologies to gain business advantage. Both Explorer and Event Processing are providing platforms to
build such solutions."

Rob Lloyd
Data Center Services
Business Connexions

"It is important to us that IBM continues to improve Java support in CICS TS and exploitation the newest levels of Java. We are impressed with IBM's continuos investment in CICS and with the way CICS is exploiting new technology."

Ana Brajkovic, Chief Technical Officer, Vestigo d.o.o.

"We’ve worked with the CICS development lab in its beta program, and we’re excited to support the upcoming CICS release in LegaSuite,”

Sam Elias, VP for the Seagull brand at Rocket Software

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