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CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.1

Features and benefits

New technologies, like event-driven processes, business dashboards, and Web 2.0 applications can enable businesses to respond quickly and effectively, allowing them to capture emerging opportunities as market recover.

Line-of-business managers need to know the status of critical business application processing and need to have the ability to identify exceptions. They must react swiftly to address such exceptions, while ensuring that compliance with corporate, industry and government standards and regulations can be accurately reported at all times.

New CICS event technology will enable CICS to be configured to feed business event processing engines and business dashboards, without the need for application change. This will better allow the line-of-business to ensure that business processes are under control and to monitor and react to compliance requirements, security breaches, and incidents of fraud.

CICS TCP/IP Transaction routing has been extended to help simplify complex infrastructure.

The CICS Explorer, an eclipse based framework will deliver for improved operations productivity that helps adapt to a changing skill-base, and avoid unexpected errors. The CICS Explorer delivers a powerful tooling environment to help highly-skilled IT staff to be more productive: Allows new staff to become effective more immediately; Helps to establish best practices; Enables efficient skill transfer to the next generation of IT professionals.


IBM supplies the total infrastructure that companies need to model, develop, deploy, and manage their critical business applications. As part of this infrastructure, CICS Transaction Server exploits the qualities of service associated with the z/OS platform.

CICS is a transactional application server that enables execution of a complex and demanding mixed-language application workload while efficiently integrating with SOA enterprise solutions.

CICS provides a run-time for application in COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, C, C++, and Java, thus delivering a language-neutral approach. This ensures existing skills can be used to build and deploy new applications.

CICS provides open standards-based connectivity consistent with the preferred Web services implementation while preserving the expected Qualities of Service of the trusted applications at an unparalleled cost per transaction.

CICS provides a complete systems management solution to enable management of resources through a single point of control that is consistent throughout the enterprise.

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