CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2

Event Processing

CICS has been supporting the world's transactions for many years and has an established base with many thousands of applications running billions of transactions everyday. The CICS Events for WBE SupportPac enables events to be emitted from the CICS runtime in a format consumable by WebSphere Business Events. With this rich heritage of transaction processing, CICS has a tremendous potential to participate in many event processing solutions.

On October 1st 2008, IBM issued a statement of direction for CICS and Events in announcement letter 208-295 where IBM declared its intention to integrate into CICS TS eventing capability that was to be delivered before year-end 2008 via a SupportPac. This SupportPac is now available from here.

The SupportPac CB11 (CICS Events for WBE) enables CICS TS v3 or later to be a source of events for WBE. WBE can then apply rules and patterns to these events before triggering an action or being used in a business dashboard created my WebSphere Business Monitor (WBM). This SupportPac enables event processing support with only a small change to CICS Application code.

This SupportPac provides an example of emission of events from CICS TS for z/OS. It allows the user to start identifying the places in processing within CICS applications where significant business events occur, and to see how the power of WebSphere Business Events (WBE) can be harnessed to carry out correlation and pattern matching on these events.

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