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CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.1

Statement of Direction: We will continue to support V3.1 and V3.2 until at least 2014. Learn more.
IBM event processing solutions for Business Risk Management on System z with CICS and WebSphere Business Events. Download white paper (456KB).


CICS has a proven track record of successfully delivering new technology and allowing customers progressively to gain advantage at a pace, which makes sense for the enterprise while minimizing the risks inherent in the adoption of new technologies.

The focus of CICS TS V3.1 is to deliver a set of capabilities which provide customer value by enabling business flexibility through IT simplification. These capabilities are represented in the following themes:
CICS Integration enables re-use of CICS applications, within flexible IT infrastructure, via standard APIs and protocol
Application Transformation enables enhancement of existing applications and construction of new applications, using contemporary programming languages, constructs and tools
Enterprise Management enables effective management of large runtime configurations via modern user interfaces, so that demanding service level objectives can be met.

In August 2012, IBM issued a Statement of Direction, which announced that V3.1 would remain supported until at least the third quarter of 2014. This provides more than nine years of support for the overall version since its initial introduction.