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IBM Global Services provides you with the breadth, depth and reach to meet all your Information Technology services needs. You can rely on the deep technical skills and comprehensive solutions and infrastructure services expertise of IBM to support you in all areas of your CICS® environment.

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IBM has a comprehensive range of Services to help you assess, plan, design, upgrade, secure, manage, implement and successfully exploit CICS solutions within your organization. Our Services can help you lower your costs and maintain a competitive advantage. Direct from the Hursley lab, we have have the services and expertise to help you maximize your investment in CICS.

IBM is the largest business and technology services and consulting company in the world, capable of providing end-to-end IT solutions. IBM offers a full range of integrated business solutions designed to meet the specific needs of industries worldwide. IBM has the innovative technology, infrastructure, resources and services to turn your IT business strategy into reality.

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CICS Health Check

How can you be sure that your CICS environment in running optimally? Our Best Practice Review will check your CICS configuration parameters and values and provide a report with recommendations to improve the running of your CICS business applications. Be sure that your CICS environment is in the best of health and delivers maximum value to you.

Upgrade Assistance

Lower your costs by upgrading CICS for impromed performance and security while maintaining compatibility with the latest releases of mainframe hardware and software. Review and upgrade your CICS environment to the latest version ready to exploit new CICS features such as: Web services, IP connectivity, CICS Explorer, Event Processing, Web 2.0, Atom Feeds and PHP scripting.

Security and Governance

Worried about your CICS security? Standards, regulatory compliance and policies getting you down? Our Security and Governance service offering is a Best Practice review to ensure that your CICS environment is optimally secured and governed in line with the threats and opportunities of modern businesses.

Performance Optimization

Is your goal to maximize your performance and minimize your costs? We review CICS performance data from SMF records and/or CICS tooling to provide tuning recommendations and capacity planning advice. Get the most out of your environment, improved performance equals lower cost.

Customized Workshops

Skills issue? Need the best CICS product and solution training? Ensure the effective transfer of CICS best practices to the next generation of IT Staff. We offer customized workshops to meet your education needs for CICS and the IBM CICS Tools. These workshops are staffed by senior CICS developers and can be run either at your location, or at an IBM location that meets with your preference.

Web services Implementation and Exploitation

Need to unlock, modernize and re-use your CICS business assets in the connected world of SOA? We provide education and implementation assistance for CICS Web services support including CICS and Rational Developer for z tooling. We can help with identifying assets for re-use in an application and legacy modernization project.

Integration and Connectivity

We provide consultancy for migration from SNA to IP connectivity as well as using connection technologies such as the CICS Transaction Gateway and Web services to provide the availability of your CICS business assets to a wider audience in an SOA.

Systems Management

Concerned about the availability of your CICS environment? Ensure your CICS environment is being managed to Best Practice standards. The engagement may range from a short analysis of the CICS Systems Management tools techniques used in your enterprise, to a full implementation of CICSPlex® SM, CICS Explorer and other IBM CICS Systems Management products. Improve your service levels and lower your costs.

Event Processing

Need to respond more quickly to new business opportunities? This offering helps you integrate your CICS environment into an Event Processing framework to allow a faster response to business opportunities and threats without changing your existing CICS application code. CICS Event Processing also helps you with regulatory compliance and Service Level Agreement monitoring through Business Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators.

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How many times have you wished that someone would take your objectives and requirements and then implement a solution? With IBM Services your wish has been granted, and you can be confident that the best solution will be chosen to meet your business goals.

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