IBM CICS open betas

Explore the latest potential new capabilities in CICS with our open betas! Take this chance to explore potential new CICS capability, assess its value to business, and plan for its adoption at the earliest opportunity. Participants in the open beta program may also get direct access to CICS development resources, with the opportunity to provide early feedback and are well-positioned to gain first-mover advantage.

CICS TS V5.4 Open Beta

IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) is designed for enterprise grade, mixed language, application serving and is the leading transaction server on the z/OS platform. The CICS TS V5.4 open beta offering builds on the capabilities delivered in prior CICS TS V5 releases, and adds substantial new development operations (DevOps) functionality.

You can find the announcement letter for CICS TS V5.4 Open Beta here.

Find supporting documentation in the IBM Knowledge Center.

To give feedback on the open beta and to help shape the future of CICS, please use dwAnswers as explained here.

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