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What's new in z/OS Explorer V3.0.1:

For more information about the new features, see z/OS Explorer KC

New z/OS Explorer V3.0.1 Aqua Release Announced:

z/OS Explorer V3.0.1 is announced with ADFz V3.0. For more information about what’s new, see Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems V3.0 announcement letter.
Planned availability date: September 9, 2016

New in z/OS Explorer V3.0
z/OS Explorer V3.0 Aqua:

For more information about z/OS Explorer, see Mainframe Dev Center.

New z/OS Explorer V3.0 Aqua Release Announced

With a planned availability of Dec 11, 2015, the new IBM Explorer for z/OS V3.0 Aqua release offers an improved integration platform for IBM Eclipse-based tools for z/OS.
See announcement letter below for more information about what's new & noteworthy in this upcoming release.

New in z/OS Explorer V2.1.0.8

Support is provided for Apple OS X Yosemite, version 10.10, or later. This formalizes the unofficial support for Apple Mac computers available in prior releases.

New in z/OS Explorer V2.1.0.2

IBM Explorer for z/OS now supports mixed case user IDs for those systems that support them. When you create new user credentials, z/OS Explorer no longer converts the user ID into upper case. Case conversion is managed by the host system. Existing connections will continue to work with mixed case user IDs.
The repository has been updated to include the latest releases of WebSphere MQ Explorer, IBM Data Studio, Rational Team Concert, and a 90 day trial version of Rational Developer for System z.

New in z/OS Explorer V2.1

z/OS Explorer, previously an integral part of CICS Explorer, is now available as a separate component. It delivers unified, extensible, workstation connectivity to key IBM z/OS functionality by providing simple and secure access to z/OS datasets, zFS files, and JES jobs, and output from within an Eclipse-based Rich Client Platform (RCP). For more details on the z/OS Explorer, refer to Software Announcement 213-141, dated April 23, 2013. z/OS Explorer is preloaded with the address of a new common repository of compatible IBM plug-ins for Eclipse. The repository includes plug-ins for z/OS Explorer, CICS Explorer, CICS Tools, Problem Determination Tools, plus products from IBM’s Rational and Information Management brands. z/OS Explorer is available now from the Downloads tab on this page.

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