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March - April 2007

Welcome to the March - April issue. We hope you find this compilation of what's happening in the busy world of CICS and System z useful, informative and enjoyable.

CICS communication

View from Development – Dave Andrews

Dave AndrewsWhat are the main concerns of the world's leading CEOs today?

Research indicates that revenue growth with cost containment and improved business responsiveness are the key areas of interest - in other words growing the business while keeping costs under control.

From the CIO perspective this means having IT systems that are fully aligned with the business goals, systems that are agile and responsive, systems that allow better collaboration. The common focus is on flexibility and simplification in a services-based infrastructure such as SOA (service oriented architecture).

Growing the business means having the flexibility to extend core CICS applications so that they can support new business requirements. Business growth can also be encouraged and supported through better exploitation of existing development skills.

Keeping costs under control means having better system performance, faster response times, and more effective system management, where being able to manage more with less is the key. Simplifying the application development process also reduces costs and enables applications to be more quickly deployed and become productive.

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 which was announced on March 27 delivers on all the above business value requirements. It enables CICS core applications to be extended as Web services with no modification, in an environment that has the highest levels of data integrity and security. CICS Transaction Server also delivers optimum throughput and performance, coupled with simple and intuitive system management. Find out more about CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2.

On a different subject, in March I visited the first-ever CICS China User Group event in the coastal city of Xiamen. This event is organized by the CICS community for the CICS community and is sponsored and supported by IBM. In attendance were CICS experts from IBM UK Hursley Laboratory, and local IBM CICS experts.

At the event, users were able to get the latest news on CICS TXSeries (CICS for distributed platforms), CICS Transaction Server, CICS Transaction Gateway, the CICS Tools, and the CICS Connectors.

There were sessions on CICS, SOA, technical best-practices, and demonstrations of CICS capabilities (for example the Web services feature of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS).

The China User Group event was a great opportunity for CICS customers in China to share their experiences, and meet other CICS experts from around the world.

Thanks to those who attended and thanks to the organizers and contributors who helped ensure the new China event was so successful.

Dave Andrews,
Director, CICS Development

CICS Scene - Rick Thomas

Richard Thomas'It's going to be a defining SOA event' says the publicity on IBM Impact 2007, the new event that brings together the Transaction and Messaging Conference (the 'T&M') and the WebSphere Technical Exchange in Orlando in May.

Come and find out at IBM Impact 2007 about the latest business technology advances and the competitive advantages that other users of CICS Transaction Server V3 systems are realizing in production systems today.

If you are a business leader, IBM Impact 2007 helps you find out how to create the best climate for innovation in your business through a flexible services-based approach to business technology. Find out the business value of SOA.

If you are an IT executive, IBM Impact 2007 looks at business processes and the supporting technologies and infrastructure. Discover how an SOA infrastructure ensures that your business IT systems fully support your business goals.

If you are a technologist, IBM Impact 2007 examines the latest advances in SOA including the new standards, and architecture. Find out about the underlying technologies that power SOA.

Don't miss IBM Impact 2007 - the defining SOA event.

Richard Thomas,
Program Director, CICS Marketing


New: CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2

On March 27 IBM announced CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 with new features and capabilities in the areas of application connectivity, application reuse and IT service management. Find out what this great new version can do for your business.


Stop press: IBM System z9 mainframe breaks all the records!

8 February 2007. The world's highest transaction throughput for core banking applications has been achieved by IBM, Financial Network Services and Bank of China. The result delivered a record 9,445 business transactions per second in real-time, based on more than 380 million accounts with three billion transaction histories. Read the full article.


'Working with dinosaurs': student mainframe contest

IBM is encouraging the next generation of university students to learn about mainframes. Was it the lure of the top prize of a trip to the IBM Hursley UK laboratory, or was it the PSP and Thinkpad prizes that caught the students' attention?

Learn More (DOC, 23KB) ...

CICS advances on all fronts!

In this article Nick Garrod from IBM Software Group looks at how CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 fits into an SOA infrastructure in order to address the key issues of IT simplification and speedier innovation.

More... (DOC, 42KB)


Register to participate in CICS Tools BetaWorks programs!

BetaWorks is a global IBM organisation that works closely with selected customers who are given early access to new IBM products, through managed beta programs. These programs allow customers to gain early experience with new IBM products and technologies. Install, evaluate and gain early experience with CICS Tools, influence CICS Tools design, get free-of-charge CICS Tools education, become a valued CICS Tools reference site! Click the link to find out more about the BetaWorks program. To register your interest in participating in CICS Tools beta programs send an email to: Click the link to find out more about BetaWorks programs.


New: WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer V5.1!

WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer (WSAA), the tool that helps your site's application development teams better understand legacy CICS, mainframe and other applications is being updated. Look out for improved composite and web service application support, expanded metrics support, improved tool integration, additional support for other software products and finally, usability and performance enhancements. Watch this space for further information in due course.



IBM helps fast-growing firms cut energy costs

On March 8, IBM announced a broad array of services to help companies capitalize on the potential economic benefits of moving to the System z mainframe. The services were launched at an IBM event in India, where thousands of fast-growing businesses are searching for ways to reduce power and cooling costs. The services that were launched will help companies eliminate the unchecked proliferation of energy-hungry servers in bulging data centers - a problem that is overburdening power grids from Mumbai to Manhattan. As well as operational efficiency, the IBM System z mainframe offers exceptional security, scalability, and manageability, providing exceptional total cost of ownership.


News and events

IBM Impact 2007 - It's going to be a defining SOA event - May 20-25th - Orlando,Florida

The IBM Transaction & Messaging (T&M) conference will be even bigger and better in 2007. This year, for the first time, the T&M event is being expanded into one new global conference - IBM Impact 2007 - to give unprecedented access to IBM developers, executives, and customers who are telling their stories. To find out more, click the link or email:

System z Mainframe Technology Roadshows

Keeping up to data on the latest technology is essential - from hardware to software to the tools that maximize their value. Join us at a city near you for a unique roadshow and learn how IBM System z solutions can help you stay on top of your job and your business.

Events worldwide in 2007


Inaugural CICS China User Group event

March 15 and 16 saw the first China User Group take place at the Sofitel Xiamen resort in Xiamen in South East China. This two day event was sponsored by Hursley and had speakers from China, America and the UK as well as several IBM executives in attendance. The two days were split over two tracks, one devoted to CICS Transaction Server whilst the other track focused on CICS Tools and TXSeries. General sessions were delivered by Len Pelletiere (IBM Vice President, Enterprise Platform Software Development), Peter Muchison (IBM Vice President WebSphere, Asia Pacific) , Rick Thomas (IBM Program Director Enterprise Platform Software), Dave Andrews (Director of CICS Products), Ken Tsai (Executive, CSDL Test Centre) and Cliff Yung (Executive, IBM System Z Software Sales GCG). The event attracted over 90 non-IBM attendees who took advantage of the opportunity to hear about the new capabilities of the CICS family, and see demonstrations of product functionality and capability. A session delivered by John Raspen, Jr, an Executive IT Architect for a large bank in China, explained how CICS is deployed in a wider SOA environment.


Book: 'The new language of business: SOA and Web 2.0'

IBM SOA Strategist Sandy Carter examines the best practices methodologies behind hundreds of successful SOA implementations, from companies large and small. Enter coupon code CARTER654X during the checkout process to receive 35% off the list price, plus free shipping in the U.S. (ISBN 013195654X)

Book: 'Service Oriented Architecture - collected analyses and comments'

Training and development


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