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CICS Portfolio e-Newsletter

April - May 2007

Welcome to the April - May issue. We hope you find this compilation of what's happening in the busy world of CICS and System z useful, informative and enjoyable.

CICS communication

View from Development – Dave Andrews

The recently-updated CICS Tools including CICS VSAM Recovery, CICS Performance Analyzer and WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer.

Dave AndrewsCICS Tools are provided for subsystem management and for application transformation.

Subsystem management is all about maintaining the operational efficiency of CICS business systems. The CICS Tools for subsystem management help IBM customers ensure they are using their CICS resources in the most efficient way. Customers who use the CICS Tools to manage their CICS subsystems are seeing reduced operational costs and improved productivity.

Application transformation is all about analyzing CICS applications to determine whether they can be reused as Web services, then transforming and deploying them as part of Web-based infrastructures such as SOA (service oriented architecture). Customers who use the CICS Tools for transforming their CICS applications are seeing reduced developer costs through application reuse. Those customers are also seeing a quicker time to market for their products and services.

For more information about the updated CICS Tools, see the announcement letter. Also visit the CICS Tools pages.

Finally, don't forget to register for Impact 2007 coming up in May!

Dave Andrews,
Director, CICS Development

CICS Scene - Rick Thomas

If you are a former Transaction & Messaging Conference attendee, you really should not miss the great new Impact 2007 event coming up soon on May 20-25 in Orlando, Florida.

Richard ThomasImpact 2007 includes the popular the T&M and brings you the latest on CICS, System z and WebSphere.

At Impact 2007, find out how to help your business stay ahead. Learn how the SOA (service oriented architecture) approach to IT infrastructure really can help your business remain innovative.

Listen to experts who have implemented SOA solutions in companies like yours, and get the insight you need to impact your business!

With three tracks for business leaders, IT executives and technicians, Impact 2007 has something for everyone.

For more information email or visit the Impact 2007 website.

Richard Thomas,
Program Director, CICS Marketing


CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 Open Beta available for download from 10 April - 29 June

There is now, for the first time ever, an open beta program for this new release of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS - Version 3 Release 2. No formal education is offered for this beta program. However, educational documentation and presentations will be available with the product on the download site.


IBM Software Expands SOA Capabilities on System z mainframe

Easier application integration, enhanced application transformation, better system management with Service Oriented Architecture Enhancements for z/OS. Read the press announcement.


CICS Tools

CICS VSAM Recovery V4.2

Recover from errors quickly. Reduce the need for offline processing to exceed its batch window. Improve the availability of online CICS systems. If you want to do this, you need CICS VSAM Recovery V4.2 which became available on 27 April. CICS VSAM Recovery V4.2 includes support for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 plus other great enhancements.


CICS Performance Analyzer V2.1

Optimize your CICS system and application performance with the help of comprehensive performance analysis reporting. Also tune, manage, and plan CICS your systems more effectively. CICS Performance Analyzer V2.1 supports CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 and OMEGAMON XE for CICS V4.1.


CICS Tools download site is now open for business!

The CICS Tools software download site is now up and running. Click the link for more information.


CICS Tools

Register to participate in CICS Tools BetaWorks programs

BetaWorks is a global IBM organization that works closely with selected customers who are given early access to new IBM products, through managed beta programs. These programs allow customers to gain early experience with new IBM products and technologies. Install, evaluate and gain early experience with CICS Tools, influence CICS Tools design, get free-of-charge CICS Tools education, become a valued CICS Tools reference site! Click the link to find out more about the BetaWorks program. To register your interest, send an email to:


WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer V5.1

WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer (WSAA), the tool that helps your site's application development teams better understand legacy CICS, mainframe and other applications is being updated. Look out for improved composite and web service application support, expanded metrics support, improved tool integration, additional support for other software products and finally, usability and performance enhancements. Watch this space for upcoming information.



IBM helps fast-growing firms cut energy costs

On March 8, IBM announced a broad array of services to help companies capitalize on the potential economic benefits of moving to the System z mainframe. The services were launched at an IBM event in India, where thousands of fast-growing businesses are searching for ways to reduce power and cooling costs. The services that were launched will help companies eliminate the unchecked proliferation of energy-hungry servers in bulging data centers - a problem that is overburdening power grids from Mumbai to Manhattan. As well as operational efficiency, the IBM System z mainframe offers exceptional security, scalability, and manageability, providing exceptionally low total cost of ownership.



GSE Nordic Region Conference 2007

Attend this great conference which has a wide range of topics for anyone interested in application development, CICS, BD2, IMS and mainframe infrastructure. Click the link to find out more and to register.


IBM Impact 2007 - It's going to be a defining SOA event - May 20-25th - Orlando,Florida

The IBM Transaction & Messaging (T&M) conference will be even bigger and better in 2007. This year, for the first time, the T&M event is being expanded into one new global conference - IBM Impact 2007 - to give unprecedented access to IBM developers, executives, and customers who are telling their stories. To find out more, click the link or email:

Some key Impact 2007 sessions to attend:

4792 CICS TS V3 Overview with Paul Kettley

4115 Integrate CICS Services with the service Flow Feature with Chris Backhouse

4116 Implementing WS in SOA with Darren Beard

4119 CICSPlex SM Overview with Dan Donnelly

4092 What does it mean to be threadsafe with John Tilling

4126 CICS and Webservices interoperability with Phil Wakelin

4137 Implementing CICS Web Services: A customer example with Nigel Williams

4103 CICS Perfomance Analyser: An Introduction with Chris Baker (also the University of Florida session in the Executive track).

SHARE a non-stop technology experience

Register today for SHARE in San Diego, August 12-17, 2007. SHARE provides what no other conference venue does - a non-stop interactive experience for attendees to address their organization's technological and business needs. New in San Diego, SHARE is providing IBM Certification Testing on System z Mastery and STG and SWG Certification Tests. To register and to get more information, visit the SHARE Web site.

System z Mainframe Technology Roadshows

Keeping up to data on the latest technology is essential - from hardware to software to the tools that maximize their value. Join us at a city near you for a unique roadshow and learn how IBM System z solutions can help you stay on top of your job and your business.

First CICS China User Group a great success!

Here are some comments from customers who attended the first CUG in Xiamen recently:

More... (PDF, 54KB)

Events worldwide in 2007


Book: 'The new language of business: SOA and Web 2.0'

IBM SOA Strategist Sandy Carter examines the best practices methodologies behind hundreds of successful SOA implementations, from companies large and small. Enter coupon code CARTER654X during the checkout process to receive 35% off the list price, plus free shipping in the U.S. (ISBN 013195654X)

Redpaper: Customizing and Using IBM OMEGAMON z/OS Management Console 4.1.0

Find out more about the monitoring functions of the IBM OMEGMON z/OS Management Console, its integration with the other z/OS functions, and the benefits of using the console.

New Governance and Risk Management sitelet!

IBM IT governance solutions deliver value and enable better alignment of IT to business priorities and opportunities. Visit this great new sitelet for more information about business resilience, security and service management. If you are an IT manager or a CEO there's something of interest at the G&RM sitelet.

Training and development


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