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May 28th 2010

Product highlights

Available now: CICS Explorer plug-ins for IBM Problem Determination Tools

The April 2010 edition of CICS eNews highlighted a future direction to provide CICS Explorer plug-ins for some of IBM's Problem Determination tools. Well, sometimes the future comes sooner than you think, since those plug-ins are now available and customers with existing licences for IBM Debug Tool V9 or V10, IBM Fault Analyzer V10, or IBM Application Performance Analyzer V10 can download the plug-ins from the CICS SupportPac web site.

If you already have the CICS Explorer, you can simply add the new plug-ins to your existing environment. If you are new to the CICS Explorer, you can download that too, and just use it to host the PD Tools even if you don't have CICS. If you have another Eclipse 3.4.2 platform, you can install the plug-ins there too. Either way, you will be able to experience the power of these tools from within an intuitive, extensible, and lightweight graphical user interface, at no additional cost over your existing server licences.

The IBM Problem Determination Tools plug-ins are delivered as fully supported (Category 3) SupportPacs for use with an Eclipse-based platform like CICS Explorer, and provide easy access through a graphical user interface (GUI) on the workstation to the power of the host-based IBM Problem Determination Tools – Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, Debug Tool for z/OS, and Fault Analyzer for z/OS.

The GUI will provide a workstation alternative to the z/OS ISPF interface for many key problem determination tasks. With this new interface, existing application developers and system programmers may experience productivity gains over the traditional "green screen" interface. The new interface can also lower the learning curve for new z/OS developers, making them proficient more quickly by providing an Eclipse-based interface to the z/OS tool that is probably easier and more familiar for new hires to pick up and use.

These plug-ins can be used in conjunction with existing plug-ins for the CICS Tools and CICS Transaction Gateway.

These plug-ins are now available to properly licensed PD Tools customers.

The PD Tools plug-ins  and the CICS Explorer can be downloaded at the following link:

To learn more about the Problem Determination tools, visit the following web sites:

If however, you need a Full Application Development Solution, you'll find that the unparalleled support in Rational Developer for System z already contains fully-integrated plug-ins for the tools mentioned above, in addition to File Manager for z/OS. To learn more about the File Manager and other GUIs in Rational Developer for System z, visit the following web sites:

Enterprise Modernization Sandbox

Scenario: CICS Events – Catalog Manager Reorder Scenario

Have you ever wanted to try out some of the new features in CICS but weren't able to because you haven't upgraded yet? Well, now you can, using the IBM Enterprise Modernization Sandbox which enable you to experience and evaluate the IBM Enterprise Modernization solutions for System z™ through hands-on participation, guided walk-thru and usage of live, running System z development scenarios and solutions.

Just added to the sandbox is a new scenario to illustrate some of the capabilities of the CICS Event Processing Support. This lab exercise is based on the CICS-supplied Catalog Manager Sample application. This application is a simple order entry/inventory management system. The Event Processing scenario implemented in this lab exercise implements a reorder scenario.

To download the script for the Events scenario:
(PDF, 327KB)

To find out more or get started using the sandbox where you'll find the Events and other CICS scenarios under "Applications":

We'll be adding some new scenarios in the near future including one covering the CICS Explorer and another on CICS Performance Analyzer. We'd be happy to hear your feedback on the Sandbox as well as your suggestions for new scenarios.

CICS in the News

Webcast: Is There Still Life In CICS? 2010 Insights from IT Professionals

We are pleased to be able to share this information about a recent webinar which is now available for replay. Titled Is There Still Life In CICS? 2010 Insights from IT Professionals, it featured z/Journal's Bob Thomas and H&W's Joe Burns discussing the key findings of the recent CICS survey that z/Journal conducted. It covered what IT professionals had to say about CICS challenges and strategies, the future of CICS, and about their efforts to integrate the functionality of business-critical CICS applications into modern environments, so, if you would like to hear them for yourself, just follow this link (outside of the domain):

Article: Top 10 reasons the mainframe is the most cost efficient platform available (link resides outside of

Article: For One Bank, 'CICS' Stands for Classic Infrastructure, Consistent SOA (link resides outside of


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