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August 3rd 2010


Roadshow: Application Developer’s Tool Fair

Before you move any application into production, you need to make sure it will run with optimal performance. Whether you’re developing, deploying or upgrading an application, IBM has powerful problem determination tools that can help improve application delivery throughout the entire application life cycle. More importantly, when you have a production outage you want to Find it, Fix it, Tune it and have it up and running.

Join us at a complimentary seminar for a “live” demonstration that will build your understanding of IBM® System z® Problem Determination Tools’ capabilities and learn how IBM’s Problem Determination Tools can help you:

Our tool fair offers a unique opportunity to interact with technical professionals who have extensive experience using application development tools and who can help you make informed decisions that can boost your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness without breaking your budget.

The events start today - August 3rd - and run until August 18, with a few more in September/October, so, if you live in or near one of the following US cities, please join us for live demos of our System z Problem Determination (PD) Tools:

Raleigh NC, Glendale (LA area); CA, San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; Costa Mesa, CA; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; St. Louis, MO; Dublin, OH; Oak Brook (Chicago), IL; Omaha, NE; West Chester, PA; Orlando, FL; Miami, FL; Sacremento, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; New York, NY; Boston, MA.

You'll find a detailed description of the event, along with the list of US cities and the dates here: (PDF, 273KB)

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