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IBM CL/SUPERSESSION is a zSeries session management tool which resides between the 3270 terminals and the applications under VTAM's control. When a user logs on, it displays a list of applications. This menu varies according to the particular user?s security profile. The applications can also be logged onto automatically, if required. Users can move between active applications with a single keystroke or display applications in multiple windows.

CL/SUPERSESSION offers the ability to run procedural dialogs that access the real terminal and the multiple VTAM sessions. This lets you pull data from multiple VTAM session and place it into others. For example, you could take two difficult-to-use applications and consolidate them into an easily understood screen. Or you could program one keystroke to replicate a set of frequently performed keystrokes, much like macros in some PC software packages.

System Requirements

IBM CL/SUPERSESSION, with recommended maintenance, will operate with z/OS V1.2 through z/OS V1.13, For more details visit the Support page or link to

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