IT organisations need to be able to see what their users' problems are. The most straight forward way to do this is to use the network to transmit real-time images between two or more users. IBM CL/CONFERENCE provides the capability to transmit the screen image of a VTAM application to others in the network. So, if a user is having problems, authorized support staff can look at what's happening from anywhere in the network to reach a quicker solution. In addition, telephone conferencing can be enhanced with screen images available to each conference member.

Support staff will see exactly the same screen image the conference holder sees. When the screen changes, they will see it change. It's also possible for the conference holder to give control of the application to someone else.

As well as the helpdesk scenario, IBM CL/CONFERENCE can also be used to facilitate training of staff in remote locations, support application development with review by remote staff and communicate live business information instantly.

System Requirements

IBM CL/CONFERENCE, with recommended maintenance, will operate with z/OS V1.2 through z/OS V1.13, For more details visit the Support page or link to www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21391498.

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