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"I'm thrilled to join the CICS team, past and present, in celebrating the milestone of 35 years as one of IBM's most popular and successful products. CICS has a long and proud history ofdelivering value and quality to our clients. I know I can rely on the current team to build on this fine heritage and continue the innovation in the on demand era."

Steve Mills
Senior Vice President and Group Executive
IBM Software Group

 35 years as one of IBM's most popular and successful products iscertainly a great achievement, and on July 8th 2004 the CICS team, past and present, throughout the world are celebrating just that! CICS forms the heart of many of the worlds major enterprise business systems - upwards of 300 billion transactions flow through CICS systems each day. CICS has been at the forefront of innovation throughout its life - initially bringing access to computing function out of the machine room and on tousers desks, enabling distributed computing, exploiting the scalability and power of zSeries Sysplex technology, and providing modern application capability through support for Java, SOAP and Web Services.Customers know that CICS applications will continue to provide excellent value as IBM takes CICS forward as a key component of our on demand solutions. The outstanding success of the product comes not only from the rich and reliable capabilities delivered by the development and test teams in Hursley, but is also thanks to the superb team from all around the world providing education, consultancy and support. Join us as we celebrate this momentous event and gain a unique insight into CICS and the people who make it at IBM Hursley.