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CICS TS brings Web enablemente to CICS applications. 90sCICS/ESA V3, realizing the restructure that had been in progress through the previous decade, shipped at the very beginning of the 1990s. The old macro interface for applications was dropped. Subsequent releases introduced virtual storage constraint relief, and storage protection. By now, a large proportion of the world's business was running on CICS. In 1994 came CICS/ESA V4, with transaction isolation and sysplex support. Then in 1996 CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 V1 was introduced, which bundled in related products including CICSPlex System Manager. Web support, 3270 Bridge, Recovery Manager, MVS Logger, and Record Level Sharing were among the functions added. In 1999, CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 V1.3 added Business Transaction Services.

1992: IBM announces CICS/6000

.Completing the CICS family by having a version for each of the main operating systems. It is announced that CICS/VSE 2.2 will be shipped as a major component of the VSE/ESA 1.3 operating system.

Barcelona and the Summer Olympics, where CICS/ESA 3.2.1 gets about the highest-profile exposure possible on the planet.

1994: IBM announces CICS/ESA 4.1


Features include:

"Hursley at the Winter OlymCICS"--once again CICS/ESA is at the heart of the Olympics information and management systems, and CICS OS/2 is helping to feed timings and results information back from the event arenas to CICS on the mainframe.

1995: IBM announces a host of CICS Clients

These include CICS Clients V1.0 for DOS, Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Macintosh® and OS/2. The Open Network Computing RPC feature for CICS/ESA V3.3 and CICS/ESA V4.1; CICS/6000 and its Client V1.2; CICS for SINIX V2.1; and CICS for OS/2 V2.0.1 are also announced.

CICSCICS's foray into the Internet started in February with a presentation, "An exotic web proposal", to a select audience in D block of the Hursley labs. It was an adjunct to the Exotica project (which eventually turned into BTS) that had been running for a year.

1996: CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 V1.1 is made available

CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 V1.1 is an easy to use S/390 Transaction Processing solution in a single package.


The package contains CICS/ESA, CICS Universal Clients, CICS Transaction Gateway, CICSPlex System Manager, REXX Development System and Runtime Facility, CICS Distributed Data Manager and CICS Affinities Utility and offers robust high-volume transaction processing for existing and new business applications using any programming model.

1998: CICS Transaction Server for OS/2 Warp

Version 4 is released, elsewhere,IBM powers the official Nagano Olympic Winter Games Web Site, which registers an unprecedented total of nearly 650 million hits from around the world over the course of the 16-day event. CICS and MQSeries provide the backbone for the core IT systems for the games with onsite personnel and 24 hour support cover provided by Hursley. Support teams have a very quiet time of it with no MQ or CICS problems.

CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 V1.3 was launched with the clear and simple message; "Evolution not Revolution". This product produced a balanced solutions to meet customer needs in the four main areas of application enablement, e-business enablement, enterprise scalability and enterprise management.