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New CICS code base is built to operate in the MVS/ESA environment. 80sCICS growth continued steadily within the 80's, with IBM recognizing the importance of CICS and putting major investment into it. In 1982, RDO was added, allowing continuous availability. In 1985, terminal autoinstall was introduced. In 1987, the product moved to a new version, CICS/MVS V2. This included XRF (Extended Recovery Facility). By the end of the decade, the product on OS/VS and MVS had reached 18,000 licenses. Importantly, through this decade, alongside the functional enhancements, a scheme was developed and implemented to restructure it. It is this that has enabled the product's continued growth and development to the present day.

1980: CICS 1.5 and GDDM


Sales of CICS/VS have passed 10,000.CICS goes from strength to strength. Some requirements remain, notably those that encompass the ability to communicate across systems and the need for specialized applications by customers.

1982: IBM announces CICS/OS/VS and CICS/DOS/VS 1.6

It comprises of (408,000 lines of code). The DOS version has been designed for use by customers with small or intermediate sized processors with the DOS/VSE operating system and will be made available in July 1983.

1983: CICS/OS/VS 1.6.1 is announced

Tipping the scales at 440,000 lines of code and for customers with large-scale processors (who typically are the ones stretching the software and hardware towards its limits).

1985: IBM announces CICS/CMS Release 1

Developed at Millbrook by a small team of five programmers.

1987: IBM announces CICS/MVS 2.1

.This is the first version change for CICS since responsibility for the product was moved to Hursley, and a key point in the development of CICS to meet evolving customer needs.
The key new acronym associated with the new version is XRF (extended recovery facility). If the system falls over, XRF helps it bounce back up instead of breaking, thanks to its ability to detect system component failures automatically. IBM announces both CICS/VM Release 1 and Release 2 for the IBM 9370.
IBM also announces that the CICS/MVS Data Communications subsystem will participate in the System/370 Systems Application Architecture (SAA) environment. A notable feature of CICS/VM is the very large number of "help" screens as it provides over 700.
IBM makes a statement of direction regarding its future plans for CICS. There's to be a new CICS code base that will only operate in the MVS/ESA environment. This will exclude some old function (macro-level support and BTAM).

1989: CICS/ESA 3.1 and CICS/MVS 2.1.1

.Version 3 offers 8,000 times more virtual storage available, as well as DBCTL, dynamic workload balancing and intelligent transaction routing.