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The Worldwide mission for CICS moves to the Hursley lab, UK. 70sThe early 1970s saw many technical developments in both software and hardware. The 3270 display terminal made its appearance. VTAM and SNA were announced. The VS concept was introduced. CICS rapidly moved to exploit all these developments. Support for applications in COBOL and PL/I was added to its original support for applications written in assembler. Support for DOS was added to support of OS. In 1973, the new product CICS OS/VS V1 was introduced, with alongside it a similar product CICS/DOS/VS V1. The shipped KLOC of CICS OS/VS V1 when first introduced was just over 100; CICS today is about 2,030. In 1974, CICS was transferred to Hursley. In 1976, HLPI, the command level programming interface, was introduced; in 1978 ISC was added, and in 1979 MRO and DTP. By the end of the decade, CICS OS/VS had reached V1.5, and licences had risen to 3,000.

1972: First CICS GUIDE Europe meeting

The earliest CICS users formed a CICS Group in the GUIDE Europe UK Region. The inaugural meeting was convened by SWEB in Plymouth on 30 June 1972.

1973: IBM releases CICS/VS for System/370

1973 Images

CICS/VS (130,000 lines of code) is supported under both DOS/VS and OS/VS in this enhanced version. It is upward compatible for application programs currently running under CICS/OS V2, CICS/DOS/Entry or CICS/DOS/Standard.
CICS/DOS/VS will have an interface into DL/I DOS/VS, giving CICS online programs full access to DOS/VS data base processing facilities. CICS/VS supports the output of the respective OS and DOS/VS PL/I Optimising Compilers.
By October 1973 the UK GUIDE CICS Group was established, and in keeping with User Group traditions at that time was offering free exchange of user modifications among its members.

1974: CICS/OS/VS Release 1.0 reaches its first customer

It Is announced that CICS will come to Hursley. The Hursley Programming Centre will have the worldwide mission for CICS. This means, in effect, that Hursley will assume the worldwide responsibility for CICS, one of the leading program products in the Corporation. Until this change was announced, the responsibility for the two leading data base products, IMS and CICS, was in SDD Palo Alto, California.
The Hursley Programming Centre will now be responsible for all business aspects of the program product as well as for the development
of OS CICS. CICS/DOS/VS development is already being done in the Sindelfingen Program Product Centre. Also, because of the close relationship between CICS and VIDEO/370, Hursley gets that product.

The first internal job ads appear for CICS developers. They are looking for three Senior Associate programmers; two in Development, and the other in Support.

Systems Education at Sudbury announces a new 5-day course on CICS/VS system/application analysis and design. It deals with the design of on-line applications from the point of view of security, flexibility, recoverability, user acceptability and resource utilisation.

1975: CICS/DOS/VS and CICS/OS/VS Release 1.1.1

(181,000 lines of code). Two-thirds of all terminals installed on IBM machines in the USA work through CICS. New ATMS is a CICS application.

1976: CICS/DOS/VS and CICS/OS/VS Release 1.2

.Some 13,000 lines of new code are involved for the CICS/OS/VS work. CICS/VS 1.2 uses SNA to improve both the performance and availability of terminal networks. This release, 196,000 lines of code, allows 4 types of SNA terminal to connect to CICS/VS for the first time. July sees the announcement of CICS/VS Release 1.3.

1977: There are two new releases of DL/I DOS/VS


Release 1.2 adds Multiple Partition Support, enabling several applications executing in different partitions to access the same data base concurrently. Release 1.3 adds program isolation, enabling concurrent updating of different segments of a DL/I data base -- so reducing contention in a DL/I-CICS system.

1978: IBM announces CICS/VS Release 1.4

This release, at 269,000 lines of code, represents more than a year's work and is the third major release from Hursley since CPP took over the product. The DOS version ships in June, the OS version in September.

1979: CICS/DOS/VS and CICS/DOS/VS Release 1.4.1

This is the first incremental component release, adding support for the 6670 Information Distributor and for the fixed block architecture for the recent 4300 (DOS) systems. There's also the message performance option and some better SNA facilities.