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IT cost management - Do more with less

IT cost management

Every day, you’re being asked to do more with less. Every IT decision you make must take IT cost management into account. You have to help drive innovation to help the business thrive. You need to help improve employee productivity. You need to manage, maintain, and enhance business processes to keep your business running. But just “keeping the lights on” accounts for 75% of the typical IT budget. This means that budget for innovation is extremely limited.

These realities require you to manage costs at every level. including managing the cost of application development and application changes; ensuring that the processes and services that support the applications are as cost-effective as possible; and accounting for the costs associated with constantly changing business requirements, security breaches, downtime and major failures or disasters. And now you need more energy-efficient systems.

Manage IT cost and improve IT responsiveness
Successful IT managers focus on maximising value for all key stakeholders on every IT initiative - employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Your challenge is to assess the most cost- effective way to deliver on key stakeholders’ current and future needs.

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