Proliferation of information is one of the fastest growing issues facing IT managers today. Content management provides a flexible and scalable framework for managing information, such as text, multimedia files, and other file types stored digitally. Making good use of information assets can help simplify decision-making across an enterprise. Automating, streamlining and analysing data can transform business processes, as well as help an organisation meet strict compliance requirements.

The proliferation of unstructured content can be like sludge in the engine of an organisation. Users need the right information at the right time to make the right decision. Also, many government compliance requirements depend on timely and quality data. By controlling content and automating processes, a business can achieve better visibility and accountability.

Tame unruly data and capitalise on an untapped resource
Capture, manage, integrate and deliver all forms of content across the enterprise. A best in class content management system provides the right combination of content and business process management to improve workforce effectiveness and customer service in a global, enterprise environment.

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