An introduction to the Thai language

Technical characteristics

Thai script is written in linear sequence from left to right, and from top to bottom, with occasional nonspacing or combining characters that are positioned above or below an associated base character in presentation.

Character classification
Thai is a single byte character set (SBCS) language. The Thai codeset consists of 87 characters and the Thai codepoint range in Unicode is located from 0E00 to 0E7F. Thai characters can be classified into the following groups:

Consonant symbols. There are 44 consonants, which represent 21 consonant sounds in Thai language.

Thai consonants

Vowel Symbols. Thai character set provides 18 vowels. Thai vowels can be categorized as follows:

Tone Marks. There are four tone marks in Thai language. All of them are written above their related consonants or vowels.

Thai tone marks

Numbers. There are 10 Thai numbers used in Thai writing.

Thai numerals

Diacritics. There are four upper diacritic symbols. All of them are written above their associated consonants.

Thai upper diacritics

There is one lower diacritic symbol. It is written below its associated consonants.

Thai lower diacritic

Special Symbols
Currency symbol. Thai currency unit is the Baht. Its currency symbol is a capital B with a vertical bar.

Thai Baht symbol

Special punctuation symbols. There is a symbol used for a word abbreviation and one for word repetition.

Thai special punctuation

Ancient symbols. These characters are used mostly in Bali and Sanskrit written documents.

Thai ancient symbols