An introduction to the Thai language

Locale information

Thailand uses both the Gregorian and the Buddhist calendars. The official calendar used in Thailand is Buddhist calendar. All government documentations are using Buddhist calendars as Thai standard. The Buddhist calendar is simply calculated from the Gregorian calendar: Buddhist calendar year = Gregorian calendar year + 543.

For instance, when the year is 2010 in the Georgian calendar the Buddhist year is 2553.

Date Format

Number format
Thailand uses both Arabic and Thai digits for numeric value. Thai numeral can be found in government documentation while Arabic numeral is widely used in general documentation. Although Thai applications are using Thai numeral number on presentation, These applications generally store Arabic numeral in their buffer.

Percent symbol
As in English, the % symbol is used to indicate percentages.

Currency format
The local currency used in Thailand is Thai Baht.

Weights and measures
Thailand uses the metric system for weight and measurement.