Keyboard layouts

Logical keyboard layout registry index for countries and regions around the world.

Keyboards by language and region

Language Region Keyboards
Afrikaans South Africa 103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)
Albanian Albania 452 (PDF, 79KB), 448 (PDF, 88KB)
Arabic (and French) Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria 462 (PDF, 150KB)
Arabic (and English) Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan,
Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman,
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
United Arab Emirates, Yemen   
470 (PDF, 144KB), 238 (PDF, 150KB),
239 (PDF, 136KB), 253 (PDF, 144KB)
Armenian Armenia 497 (PDF, 179KB), 499 (PDF, 179KB)
Assamese (Bengali script) India 480 (PDF, 141KB)
Basque Spain 173 (PDF, 83KB), 071 (PDF, 81KB)
Belarusian Belarus 463 (PDF, 165KB)
Bengali India 480 (PDF, 141KB)
Bosnian Bosnia and Herzegovina 234 ((PDF,93KB))
Bulgarian Bulgaria 442 (PDF, 148KB)
Catalan Spain 173 (PDF, 83KB), 071 (PDF, 81KB)
Chinese (Traditional) Hong Kong S. A. R., Taiwan 467 (PDF, 220KB)
Cornish United Kingdom 166 (PDF,84KB) + 166W (PDF, 39KB)
Croatian Croatia, Bosnia
and Herzegovina
234 (PDF, 93KB)
Czech Czech Republic 243 (PDF, 94KB), 489 (PDF, 150KB)
Danish Denmark 159 (PDF, 84KB), 281 (PDF, 75KB)
Dutch Belgium 120 (PDF, 84KB)
Dutch Netherlands 143 (PDF, 88KB), 101 (PDF, 114KB)
English Canada 445 (PDF, 84KB)
English United Kingdom, Ireland,
Hong Kong S. A. R.,
168 (PDF, 98KB), 166 (PDF, 84KB),
313 (PDF, 86KB)
English United States, Australia,
New Zealand, South Africa
103P (PDF, 81KB)
English Australia, Belize, Botswana,
Jamaica, New Zealand,
Philippines, South Africa,
Trinidad and Tobago,
United States,Zimbabwe
103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)
Estonian Estonia 454 (PDF, 85KB)
Faeroese Faeroe Islands 159 (PDF,84KB) 281 (PDF,75KB)
Farsi Iran 447 (PDF,153KB)
Finnish Finland 153 (PDF, 83KB), 285 (PDF, 75KB)
French Belgium, Luxembourg 120 (PDF, 84KB)
French Canada 445 (PDF, 84KB) + 501 (PDF, 49KB),
058 (PDF, 90KB)
French France, Monaco 189 (PDF, 83KB), 251 (PDF, 115KB)
French Switzerland 150F (PDF, 94KB)
Galician Spain 173 (PDF, 83KB), 071 (PDF, 81KB)
Georgian Georgia 498 (PDF, 191KB)
German Germany, Austria 129 (PDF, 83KB)
German Switzerland, Luxembourg           150G (PDF, 109KB)
Greek Greece, Cyprus 319 (PDF, 158KB)
Gujarati India 475 (PDF, 187KB), 477 (PDF, 150KB)
Hebrew Israel 212 (PDF, 176KB), 115 (PDF, 154KB)
Hungarian Hungary 208 (PDF, 97KB)
(Devanagari script)
India 468 (PDF, 243KB)
Icelandic Iceland 197 (PDF, 83KB)
Indonesian Indonesia 103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)
Italian Italy 142 (PDF, 82KB), 293 (PDF, 74KB)
Italian Switzerland 150G (PDF, 109KB)
Japanese Japan 194 (PDF, 199KB)
Kannada India 478 (PDF, 183KB), 483 (PDF, 147KB)
Kazakh Kazakhstan 476 (PDF, 159KB)
(Devanagari script)
India 468 (PDF, 243KB)
Korean Korea 413 (PDF, 115KB)
Latvian Latvia 455 (PDF, 247KB)
Lithuanian Lithuania 493 (PDF, 151KB), 494 (PDF, 153KB)
Macedonian Macedonia (FYR) 449 (PDF, 167KB)
Malayalam India 479 (PDF, 141KB)
Malay-Latin Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam 103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)
Maltese Malta 491 (PDF, 114KB)
Marathi (Devanagari script) India 468 (PDF, 243KB)
Mongolian-Cyrillic Mongolia 488 (PDF,151KB)
Nepali Nepal 468 (PDF, 243KB)
(Bokmal and Nynorsk)
Norway 155 (PDF, 83KB), 281N (PDF, 75KB)
Oriya India 482 (PDF, 143KB)
Polish Poland 457 (PDF, 111KB), 214 (PDF, 92KB)
Portuguese Brazil 275 (PDF, 83KB)
Portuguese Portugal 163 (PDF, 82KB)
Punjabi (Gurmukhi script)    India 481 (PDF, 171KB), 484 (PDF, 129KB)
Quechua Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru 171 (PDF,79KB)
Romanian Romania 446 (PDF, 153KB)
Russian Russia 443 (PDF, 146KB)
Sanskrit (Devanagari script) India 468 (PDF,243KB)
Serbian-Cyrillic Serbia, Montenegro,
Bosnia Herzegovina
450 (PDF, 167KB)
Serbian-Latin Serbia, Montenegro,
Bosnia Herzegovina
234 (PDF, 93KB)
Slovak Slovakia 245 (PDF, 95KB)
Spanish Latin America
(Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,
Columbia, Costa Rica,
Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua,
Panama, Paraguay, Peru,
Perto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela)
171 (PDF, 79KB)
Spanish Spain 173 (PDF, 83KB), 071 (PDF, 81KB)
Spanish United States 103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)
Swedish Sweden, Finland 153 (PDF, 83KB), 285 (PDF, 75KB)
Tamil India 472 (PDF, 149KB), 474 (PDF, 158KB)
Tatar Tatarstan 486 (PDF,151KB)
Telugu India 473 (PDF, 158KB)
Thai Thailand 191 (PDF, 152KB)
Turkish Turkey, Cyprus 179 (PDF, 78KB), 440 (PDF, 131KB)
Ukrainian Ukraine 465 (PDF, 218KB)
Urdu India 492 (PDF, 151KB), 495 (PDF, 179KB)
Urdu Pakistan 492 (PDF, 151KB)
Uzbek-Cyrillic Uzbekistan 487 (PDF,161KB)
Vietnamese Vietnam 461 (PDF, 116KB)
Welsh United Kingdom 166 (PDF, 84KB) + 166W (PDF, 39KB)
Xhosa South Africa 103P (PDF,81KB) + 103I (PDF,112KB)
Zulu South Africa 103P (PDF, 81KB) + 103I (PDF, 112KB)


The notation nnn+nnn (where nnn = the keyboard identification number or KBID) means that overflow characters are in the supplementary layout (2nd KBID) and that this supplementary layout has to be used with the primary layout (1st KBID) in order to support the language/region.